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Billy Currington Biography


Billy Currington

Billy Currington

Mercury Nashville

Billy Currington Basic Facts:

Name: Billy Currington
Birthday: November 19, 1973
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Country Style: Contemporary Country

Billy Currington Songwriting:

Billy Currington penned several of his biggest hits, including "Walk a Little Straighter," and "I Got a Feelin'" from his debut CD.

Musical Influences:

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Billy Currington Biography:

Billy Currington was born on November 19, 1973 in Savannah, Georgia. When he was a year-and-a-half old, his mother married a man nammed Larry Currington. Life was not good during his early years, as his step-father had a substance abuse problem which caused constant turmoil to the families life.

He moved to Nashville after high school to pursue a music career, but his first job didn't last long, so he returned to Georgia, and worked singing in a bar for a while. Billy decided to give Nashville another try, and moved back, working several different jobs, including working for a concrete company part time, and later as a personal trainer. One of his clients led him to recording demo tapes, and later songwriting. Several of his songs landed on the desk of Universal Music Group Nashville Chairman Luke Lewis, and as a result, Billy was signed to the record label.

Debut album

In 2003, Currington released his self-titled debut album. His debut single, "Walk a Little Straighter," was a song about a child watching his drunk father stumble through the door. He had written the chorus when he was 12-years-old. Billy had his first Top 10 single, as the song peaked at No. 8. His second single, "I Got a Feelin'," went all the way to No. 5.

The following year, labelmate Shania Twain asked Billy to join her on an upcoming single, "Party for Two." Currington happily agreed, and also filmed the video with her, which featured them swinging from a chandelier.

In 2005, Currington released his sophomore album, Doin' Something Right. The first single, "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right" shot straight to the top of the charts, giving Currington his first No. 1.

2007 was a tough year

Halfway through 2007, Billy had to cancel his tour dates for the remainder of the year because of laryngitis. Then, later in the year, he underwent treatment for the abuse he suffered as a child.

Billy released "Tangled Up" in late 2007, but the song only peaked at No. 30. "Don't" was released in mid-2008 as the first single of his third album, and that song made it all the way to No. 2. Little Bit of Everything was released in October of 2008.

In 2009, Currington joined Sugarland as their opening act on their Love on the Inside Tour.

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