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Daniel Lee Martin


Daniel Lee Martin

Daniel Lee Martin


March 16th


St. Petersburg, FL

First Public Performance:

Opened for Bryan White & Lee Roy Parnell.

Biggest Influences:

My dad, John Denver, Steve Perry, Vince Gill & Steve Wariner.

Favorite Performance:

Sharing a mic with Reba.

Opened For:

Everyone but Garth, Alan and the Georges.


ChinMusic Records, November 2002

First Album:

All That I Am -- October, 2003

First Single:

"Homespun Love" -- September, 2003


There comes a time in a person's life when something within his spirit tells him that he is exactly where he needs to be. It's an unexplainable event, and is only understood by that individual. But for a certain singer/songwriter out of Tampa, Florida, that little voice inside him not only told him where he needed to be in his life and career, but where he wanted to be.

In June 1997, Daniel left a career in advertising to pursue a dream of becoming a country artist. Persuaded by local country radio stations, family and friends, Daniel Lee made a life changing decision. He not only followed their advice, but more importantly, he followed his heart.

In 1999 at his first showcase, he was approached by Atlantic Records with an offer for a record deal. He didn't end up taking it. During the next four years, it would be the same story with two other major labels in Nashville. Daniel Lee’s worst fear was to walk away from these offers, and never have another come his way. But, the offers weren’t quite right, and he believed that his big chance was yet to come, and when it did, he would know it.

During this time he also toured, opening for a number of other artists, but that didn't help him get his music on the radio. He began to wonder if it wasn't a mistake passing up those record deals.

In November of 2002, Daniel Lee signed with his label of choice, ChinMusic Records. When the company was formed, Daniel Lee was the first and only artist on their roster, and their agenda.

Enter 2003... where Daniel Lee wants to be.

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