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Rockin' Roadhouse Tour Concert Review

Konocti Harbor Resort - May 3, 2003


Rockin' Roadhouse Tour

Rockin Roadhouse Tour

Mark Chesnutt, Joe Diffie, and Tracy Lawrence are on the road again this year together in the "Rockin' Roadhouse Tour." The tour originated last year, and was so successful that they decided to keep it going.

The "Rockin' Roadhouse Tour" arrived in Kelseyville, CA on May 3rd in the Joe Mazolla Showroom in the Konocti Harbor Resort.

I was lucky enough to catch the tour last year at the California State Fair in Sacramento, CA. It was definitely the best show I had seen in 2002 and so when I heard they were heading back this way, I knew I had to see them again.

The guys came out around 8:25 pm and sang the Rockin' Roadhouse theme song, "Rockin' The Roadhouse Down." It's fun to see the camaderie between the three of them.

From here each of the guys gets a turn onstage, however they often come out during each others sets to sing a bit too.

First up was Joe Diffie...

Rockin Roadhouse Tour | Joe Diffie's show
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