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Neal McCoy Concert Review

Silver Springs, FL - March 7, 2004


Neal McCoy

Neal McCoy

On Sunday, March 7, 2004, Neal McCoy hit the stage in Silver Springs, FL for 90 minutes of high-energy fun. Neal is someone who was born to be onstage, and his audience always leaves feeling they received their money's worth. One of the many things that make Neal's shows unique is that the songs he performs are a smorgasboard of different musical genres. He is as much at home performing audience favorite "Hillbilly Rap" (which is "The Ballad of Jed Clampett - The Beverly Hillbilly's theme song" set to a rap beat) as he crooning the standard "Fly Me To The Moon." Neal has often said that his heart is really in the big band sound, and he does it well.

Those that had never been to a Neal McCoy show before didn't know what to think when Neal hit the stage and announced that he hoped we weren't there to hear all Neal McCoy stuff, cause it wasn't going to happen. What we did get was a lot of fun. Throughout the show Neal interacts with audience members, chatting with them like they are old friends. Someone tossed up a stuffed chicken, and upon closer inspection he discovered it played "The Chicken Dance." After collecting a few assistants from the audience to demonstrate the moves onstage, we all were on our feet doing the Chicken Dance. Another lady had gone up and said something to him and he asked her what her name was. It was Linda, and shortly we heard a small portion of "Lying Here With Linda On My Mind."

Much of the show was like that, he will sing small portions of many, many different songs interspersed with funny commentary about the content. He talks a little bit about how we don't hear his songs on the radio much anymore. He started singing some songs that he said we probably didn't realize was actually him singing. We heard "The Chair" and the audience was rolling when he started on "Any Man of Mine." After that he said that he bet we didn't know he could sing that high. We were also treated to a few minutes of some very bad jokes. The majority of his shows are upbeat songs that you want to move around to.

Fans of his music weren't disappointed because he also was sure to include "Gotta Love That," "They're Playing Our Song," "The Wink," "The Shake" and he closed the show with a song called "I'm Your Biggest Fan." This is a song that is on his upcoming CD that has yet to get a release date and is a tribute to the fans. The bottom line is that if you are anywhere near a Neal McCoy show, you will be doing yourself a disfavor if you don't go. There is no question as to why he was given the Entertainer of the Year award twice. It is an incredible show!

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