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Gretchen Wilson - 'Here for the Party'

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Gretchen Wilson - 'Here for the Party'

Gretchen Wilson - 'Here for the Party'

Sony BMG

The Bottom Line

Country music has been looking for a hot new female artist for quite some time now. Gretchen Wilson is the answer to their prayers with her traditional country leaning songs and voice.
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  • "Redneck Women"
  • "When I Think About Cheatin'"
  • "When It Rains I Pour"


  • "Chariot"


  • 6 of 10 songs co-written by Gretchen.
  • Produced by Mark Wright, Joe Scaife and John Rich.
  • Released by Sony Records Nashville.

Guide Review - Gretchen Wilson - 'Here for the Party'

When Gretchen Wilson released her debut song, "Redneck Woman," to country radio, the song unexpectedly struck a chord with listeners, Gretchen's label Sony Nashville bumped up the release of Here For The Party from July to May 11, 2004. Those who think Gretchen will be a one hit wonder can focus on someone else, for this is a stunning debut album.

Gretchen wrote six of the songs on Here For The Party, including the hot title track and "Redneck Women." From the beautiful traditional country ballads "When I Think About Cheatin'" and "What Happened" to the gospel rap (yes that's right, a rap) of the infectious "Chariot," Gretchen showcases her versatility. "When It Rains I Pour" is a Trick Pony-like barroom track that showcases Gretchen's bluesy vocal style. Muzik Mafia friends Big & Rich help Gretchen out on "The Bed."

Gretchen Wilson has completed one heck of a debut album. Here For The Party will mostly appeal to traditional country music fans and modern fans alike. If you can stomach the one-minute rap interlude of "Chariot," (I kinda like it), then there is nothing not to like about Here For The Party.

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