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Jo Dee Messina


Jo Dee Messina

Jo Dee Messina

Full name:

Jo Dee Marie Messina

Birth date:

August 25, 1970.


Framingham, Massachusetts.

Musicial influences:

Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, The Judds, Dottie West.

First band:

The Jo Dee Messina Band, formed when she was 16, with brother Vinnie on drums and sister Marianne on bass. She sang songs by Reba McEntire, Juice Newton, Lorrie Morgan, Patsy Cline and rocker Bob Seger, among others. "I remember performing for a guy who was screaming at himself and a woman who was dancing with a Miss Piggy doll. That was it," Jo Dee recalls of one of the band's less illustrious gigs. "And we played for five hours."

Her arrival in Nashville:

In October 1990, Jo Dee lit out for Music City in a Pontiac Sunbird with $500 in her pocket. In Nashville, she befrended another struggling singer, Tim McGraw, and the two encouraged each other through the lean years. By 1995, Tim had hit the top of the charts and Jo Dee signed a deal with Curb Records. And their friendship has continued, with Tim co-producing all of Jo Dee's albums.

On her fans:

"Everything we get out of life is a privilege, not a right. The fact that the fans are so supportive is a blessing, because nobody owes me anything. I'm overwhelmed because I can't believe it's me who has this incredible support. It just blows me away."


Top New Female Vocalist 1999

Horizon Award 2000

Billboard Top 10 singles:

"Heads Carolina, Tails California" (No. 2, 1996)
"You're Not In Kansas Anymore" (No. 7, 1996)
"Bye-Bye" (No. 1, 1998)
"I'm Alright" (No. 1, 1998)
"Stand Beside Me" (No. 1, 1999)
"Lesson In Leavin' " (No. 2, 1999)
"Because You Love Me" (No. 8, 2000)
"That's The Way" (No. 1, 2000)
"Burn" (No. 2, 2001)
"Downtime" (No. 5, 2001)
"Bring On The Rain" (No. 1, 2002)


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