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A Few Questions - Clay Walker

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A Few Questions - Clay Walker

A Few Questions - Clay Walker

The Bottom Line

A great collection of contemporary country tunes. Clay Walker is back!
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  • "A Few Questions"
  • "I Don't Want To Know"
  • "Heaven Leave The Light On"


  • None.


  • Debut album on RCA Records.
  • Contains Billboard Top 10 hit "A Few Questions."
  • Nice mix of upbeat songs and ballads.

Guide Review - A Few Questions - Clay Walker

It's been 2 years since Clay Walker released his last album,"Say No More." His first album for his new label has spawned a Top 10 hit already, and looks to move even higher. "A Few Questions" is a song to make you think about why things happen, and one that has obviously hit a chord with many listeners.

From the playful "When She's Good, She's Good," to the power ballad "I Don't Want To Know," and everything in between. Clay has put together some great country songs that should do well on radio.

It's been a while since Clay has been on top of the charts, and with the songs from "A Few Questions," I think that's just where we'll be seeing him once more. Welcome back Clay.

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