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American Farewell Tour - Alabama

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Alabama Farewell Tour Cover

Alabama Farewell Tour Cover

The Bottom Line

20 of Alabama's most beloved songs on one CD.
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  • "Tennessee River"
  • "I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)"
  • "Song Of The South"


  • Not an actual live CD.


  • Songs from the set list of their "American Farewell Tour."
  • Released By RCA Records.
  • All but a three of the songs were Top 10 hit singles.

Guide Review - American Farewell Tour - Alabama

In late 2002, the most successful country music band of all time, Alabama, announced that 2003 would be their final touring year. Billed as the "American Farewell Tour," the tour featured inventive seating packages with special features such as guitars and tour books. When February 2003 rolled around the band released what was supposed to be their "final" album for their record label, RCA Records. However, as the year has rolled along, the band and the label decided to package a collection of songs that the band has sung while on tour. While it's not a live collection of songs, "Alabama: The American Farewell Tour" is a nice career-spanning collection of songs.

No. 1 hits like "Love In The First Degree" and "High Cotton" pace the collection. Other favorites such as "Sad Lookin' Moon, "When It All Goes South," "Tennessee River" and "Mountain Music" are included on the album. Only three of the songs on this CD weren't Top 10 hits. "The Fans" was included as a thank-you while "When It All Goes South" is from the last album "Twentieth Century" and the holiday standard "Christmas In Dixie" is the other song to not reach the Top 10.

This is a CD meant as a collection piece, a reminder of the final Alabama tour. It's a memento for longtime fans that may not have all of these songs on one album. Those who aren't big Alabama fans will surely enjoy this CD which contains the band's biggest hits.

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