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Anthony Smith - If That Ain't Country

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Anthony Smith - If That Ain't Country

The Bottom Line

If you truly want to hear one of country music's most distinctive singer/songwriters then go out and pick up Anthony's fine debut release, "If That Ain't Country."
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  • "John J. Blanchard"
  • "Who Invented The Wheel"
  • "Venus"


  • Radio may not "get" it.


  • All songs written or co-written by Anthony Smith.
  • Produced by Bobby Terry.
  • Released by Mercury Records Nashville.

Guide Review - Anthony Smith - If That Ain't Country

If you think the name sounds familiar, you must have read the liner notes in albums released by George Strait, Trace Adkins, Montgomery Gentry, and others.

Anthony Smith was signed to Mercury late in 2000, after his quick success at placing songs on other artists CDs. Anthony enlisted his longtime friend, Bobby Terry, to produce his CD. Terry is a talented multi-instrumentalist who played virtually every instrument heard on the CD. Together they have made a remarkable album.

With 12 awesome tracks and a wonderful baritone voice, Anthony Smith is decidedly modern while also having some "outlaw" country tendencies. Those who love witty lyrics & solid country production, will love this CD.

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