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Live - Charlie Robison

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Charlie Robison

Charlie Robison

The Bottom Line

If you want an album that has a raw energy and makes you feel like you are in the crowd, Charlie Robison Live is for you.
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  • "Poor Man's Son."
  • "Tonight."
  • "Barlight."


  • "Walter."


  • Fifth album.
  • Contains duet with fans, "The Wedding Song."
  • A few songs made famous by other artists.

Guide Review - Live - Charlie Robison

Even on studio albums Charlie Robison has an unexplainable amount of energy and attitude as well and his "Live" album really gives listeners a taste of what his concerts are like.

"Live" has Charlie favorites like "Poor Man's Son," "Barlight," and "My Hometown," but another plus is that he covers other songs most recognizable when performed by other artists. At the end of "Tonight" the band slowly breaks into "You Shook Me All Night Long" and later on he plays "Luckenbach, Texas," "Three Birds," and "The Joker."

While studio-recorded "Walter" closes the album, the best songs are those that Charlie or brother Bruce Robison wrote. Instead of having "Walter" on the album I wish there could have been something else there in its place.

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