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Keith Urban - Golden Road

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Keith Urban - Golden Road

Keith Urban Golden Road

Capitol Nashville

The Bottom Line

Great follow-up to Platinum-selling debut.
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  • "Somebody Like You"
  • "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me"
  • "You're Not Alone Tonight"


  • None.


  • Includes the six week No. 1 song "Somebody Like You."
  • Keith co-produced the album.
  • Sophomore project.

Guide Review - Keith Urban - Golden Road

"Golden Road" is Keith Urban's sophomore solo project from Capitol Nashville. His self-titled debut spawned three Top 5 singles, including the No. 1 "But For The Grace Of God." The first single from "Golden Road" is "Somebody Like You," which went to the top of the charts, sitting there for 6 weeks.

The songs included here are more personal to keith, talking about his problems with addiction to cocaine, ("You're Not My God,") and about his love for his dad ("Song For Dad.")

If you enjoyed keith's self-titled debut, you'll love this collection of songs. He has more Top 5 material here, and the album is just something you can put on and totally enjoy at any time.

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