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Dixie Chicks - Home

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Dixie Chicks - Home

The Bottom Line

The Dixie Chicks continue releasing excellent country music. This album is a bit more organic than the last two.
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  • "Long Time Gone"
  • "Travelin' Soldier"
  • "Landslide"


  • None.


  • Third album with Natalie as lead singer.
  • Wonderful covers of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide," and Bruce Robison's "Travelin' Soldier."
  • As always, excellent musicianship.

Guide Review - Dixie Chicks - Home

Has it really been three years since the Dixie Chicks released an album? It sure doesn't seem that long, but it was August of 1999 that they released their sophomore album, "Fly." Well, the drought is over, and it's time to feast on some good ole fashion Chicks music again.

What you'll notice on "Home" is a more "acoustic" sound. It was recorded in Texas, and is co-produced by Natalie's father, Lloyd Maines, along with the Chicks themselves.

The album contains the Top 5 singles, with "Long Time Gone," and "Landslide," and a cover of Bruce Robison's "Travelin' Soldier." Add to that a spirited instrumental named for Natalie's son, "Little Jack Slade," and you have another winning album.

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