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In The Mood: The Love Songs

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In The Mood: The Love Songs

In The Mood: The Love Songs - Alabama


The Bottom Line

Two CDs of great Alabama music at a single CD price.
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  • "Feels So Right"
  • "How Do You Fall In Love"
  • "Love In The First Degree"


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  • Alabama's best known love songs, plus two new songs.
  • Album contains special access to pre-order tickets for upcoming "Farewell Tour" performances.
  • Two-CD set at a single CD price.

Guide Review - In The Mood: The Love Songs

This two-disc, 23 song collection is packed full of some of the best love songs Alabama has released. With the announcement last May of the band commencing a "Farewell Tour" in 2003, fans can also access a special area online to order tickets to the upcoming shows in advance of the public on-sale date of March 15th.

Along with songs like "Feels So Right," "How Do You Fall In Love," & "Love in the First Degree," there are two new songs. The first, "I'm In The Mood," and the second, a remake of an old Mike and the Mechanics song, called "The Living Years." All in all, a great deal for both old and new fans alike.

If you're looking for some romantic music, this is one of the best collections around.

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