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American Recordings - Johnny Cash

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American Recordings

American Recordings

The Bottom Line

It's Johnny Cash, acoustic and great.
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  • Just Johnny Cash and his guitar.
  • "Delia's Gone"
  • Every track a winner.


  • None.


  • Best Contemporary Folk Album Grammy - 1994
  • Johnny Cash and his guitar, nothing else.
  • Bare-bones country, the way it should be.

Guide Review - American Recordings - Johnny Cash

In 1994, Johnny Cash had been dumped by his record label and country radio wouldn't play his music. But rap producer Rick Rubin wasn't listening to the trends in "young country." He sat Johnny down with a guitar and a tape recorder and nothing else.

This magnificent disc is the result. Stripped of all fancy production, Cash is presented at his bare-bones acoustic best, singing songs from the chilling "Delia's Gone" to the inspirational "Why Me Lord?"

Two of the tracks were recorded live at the Viper Room to an appreciative audience. This is Cash, the first of the award-winning "American Recordings" series. Plain and simple and great.

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