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Brad Paisley - 'Mud on the Tires'

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Brad Paisley - 'Mud on the Tires'

Brad Paisley - 'Mud on the Tires'

Arista Nashville

The Bottom Line

Brad Paisley knows that you don't fix something if it isn't broken, and his past two albums have both gone platinum. So, with this being his third album, he took the same formula and tweaked it a bit, creating another winning combination. From the lovely duet with Alison Krauss ("Whiskey Lullaby"), to the title track, which champions going out four wheeling in your truck, to the poignant cover of Vern Gosdin's "Is It Raining In Your House," they all work fabulously.
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  • "Mud on the Tires"
  • "Little Moments"
  • "Whiskey Lullaby"


  • "The Cigar Song" is a little silly.


  • Third release.
  • Duet with Alison Krauss "Whiskey Lullaby."
  • Includes gospel tune "Farther Along."

Guide Review - Brad Paisley - 'Mud on the Tires'

If Brad Paisley had wanted to, he probably could have called this album Part III, as the types of songs are much like those found on his first two albums.

Once more, Brad puts out an album of traditional country music showcasing his fantastic guitar playing, great songwriting (he wrote or co-wrote 10 of the 16 songs on the album), and his mellow singing voice.

Another thing that can be said about Mud on the Tires is variety. While some artists have maybe 3-4 hits and mostly filler, or cuts that just won't make it on radio, Brad has created a strong album where the majority of the songs could be radio hits. I think one of the things I like best about Brad's songs is that so many people can relate to his song subjects. Then, there are the humorous songs. Brad's sense of humor really adds another dimension to his music.

As on his previous two albums, Brad adds a gospel song to his album. On this album he adds "Farther Along." Brad dedicates the song to his manager's wife, Carolyn, who lost her battle with cancer in 2002.

If you enjoyed Brad's first two albums, this one will surely become another favorite.

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