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Room To Breathe - Reba McEntire

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Room To Breathe - Reba McEntire

Room To Breathe - Reba McEntire

The Bottom Line

'Room To Breathe' may be Reba's best CD yet.
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  • "I'm Gonna Take That Mountain"
  • "He Gets That From Me"
  • "My Sister"


  • None.


  • Produced by Reba with Norro Wilson and Billy Sherrell.
  • There's a duet with Vince Gill ("It Just Has To Be This Way").
  • Released by MCA Nashville.

Guide Review - Room To Breathe - Reba McEntire

It's been four plus years since Reba McEntire has released a complete album (2001 saw the release of her Greatest Hits Vol. 3). While Reba may have been gone from the country charts with her songs, she has been anything buy stagnant. Taking time away from her music career, Reba joined the Broadway production of "Annie Get Your Gun" and started a TV series on the WB Network that is now in its third season. All along, Reba still planned on returning "home" to country music. With the release of "Room To Breathe," Reba not only returns home, she triumphantly does so. With 12 songs, "Room To Breathe" is a competent collection of well written, fun and emotional tunes. In essence, it's a return to form for Reba and should prove to be a critical and commercial success.

"My Sister," "Losing Oleta," "He Gets That From Me," "If I Had Any Sense Left At All" and "It Just Has To Be This Way" are the best of the numerous emotional and serious songs on the CD. The fun "Love Revival" packs a wallop that will find you dancing in the streets with its Gospel sound. Those songs along with the hit single "I'm Gonna Take That Mountain" blend together over the course of the CD to make one of the most complete albums of Reba's two-decade plus career.

When you add up the performances throughout the duration of Room To Breathe, Reba has created her best and most personal album yet. With truly something for every country fan, the album is sure to become a big hit with old and new fans alike.

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