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Tim McGraw & the Dancehall Doctors - Tim McGraw

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Tim McGraw & the Dancehall Doctors

The Bottom Line

Tim sounds like he has never before: relaxed. That which makes for a winning collection of songs that shouldn't be missed.
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  • "Red Ragtop"
  • "Illegal"
  • "Who Are They"


  • "Tiny Dancer"


  • Produced by Tim McGraw with Byron Gallimore and Darran Smith.
  • Features fifteen songs.
  • Tim recorded the CD in upstate NY with his band.

Guide Review - Tim McGraw & the Dancehall Doctors - Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is the current "top dog" in Country Music. He took over for Garth Brooks after Garth "retired." Taking a "Garth-like" approach, Tim took his touring band, "The Dancehall Doctors" and recorded this album with them, eschewing the typical Nashville studio technicians.

The results are quite stunning as The Dance Hall Doctors help to make Tim a more relaxed vocalist as evidenced by tracks like "Comfort Me," "Home," "That's Why God Made Mexico," and "Watch The Wind Blow By." Tim even decided to record "Tiny Dancer" which is the only real misstep on a career defining album.

If you like modern country music or want to own a Tim McGraw album, this is a good album to own.

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