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Rodney Atkins - 'Honesty'

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Honesty - Rodney Atkins

Honesty - Rodney Atkins

Curb Records

The Bottom Line

Honesty is a confident debut from a talented newcomer.
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  • "What's Left Of Me"
  • "Honesty (Write Me A List)"
  • "Uncomplicated"


  • At times Rodney can sound like other artists.


  • Debut album for Curb Records.
  • Rodney co-wrote 7 out of 12 songs.
  • Co-produced by Rodney Atkins & Ted Hewett.

Guide Review - Rodney Atkins - 'Honesty'

"Good things come to those who wait." "Patience is a virtue." Truer phrases were never spoken when it comes to Rodney Atkins. While he was signed to Curb Records around 1997, Rodney Atkins has certainly had to wait for his turn while he, his producer, and his label decided the perfect time to release a single. While they did release a single in 1997, the single didn't do that well and thus Rodney went back into the studio to hone his skills and by the fall of 2002, Rodney Atkins had enough material to release another single. That single, "Sing Along," brushed the Country Top 40.

While "Sing Along" was a solid single, the next single, "Honesty (Write Me A List)," was the home run. An instant hit that's now in the Top 10, Honesty also became the name of the CD (previously self-titled), and it was released.

The CD features plenty of potential singles like the rollicking "Monkey In The Middle" and sensitive ballads "Someone To Share It With" and "The Love That We Make." Scotty Emerick wrote the fun "Uncomplicated" while Rodney's own "What's Left of Me" has the sound that would make a great summertime single.

When the songs are mixed together, there are elements of other popular singers mixed in with Rodney's personal style. While that can be a bad thing for some, it's actually a good thing to me and thus makes the CD even more enjoyable (I always like to compare singers to each other). Featuring 12 good songs, Honesty is sure to have something to please many country music fans for years to come.

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