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Days of our Lives - James Otto

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Days of Our Lives - James Otto

Days of Our Lives - James Otto

The Bottom Line

With “Days Of Our Lives,” James Otto has crafted a fine debut album full of up tempo grooves and strong ballads. Those who like their country music “rough around the edges” will surely like what is presented here.
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  • “Miss Temptation”
  • "Song Of The Violin"
  • "Lowdown On The Highlife"


  • None.


  • 12 songs featured with 6 written or co-written by James Otto.
  • Released on Mercury Nashville Records.
  • Features a mixture of traditional country, southern rock and modern country.

Guide Review - Days of our Lives - James Otto

Washington State native James Otto first appeared on the national country music scene in 2002 with a soft single called “The Ball.” The single failed to get higher than 45 on the Billboard charts so rather than give up on James, Mercury Nashville decided to take their time to develop the right set of songs. After releasing his second single, “Days Of Our Lives” a year later, James is set to release the album of the same name.

With a vocal and musical style that’s close to both Travis Tritt and Montgomery Gentry, Otto kicks off his debut album with the fun stompin’ track “Long Way Down.” After the nice ballad “Misspent Youth,” James kicks into high gear again with the charming and sexy “Miss Temptation.” In “The Song Of The Violin” James has written a wonderful and sweet song for his grandparents that would make a great hit. The previously mentioned singles “The Ball” and the Top 30 hit “Days Of Our Lives” both showcase James’ strong balladeer skills. “Another ballad “Lowdown On The Highlife” is a song with a double entendre in that it can be about following in an alcoholic or singer’s footsteps despite warning not to.

With an album that is paced nicely and is packed with potential singles, James Otto has finally arrived. Hopefully, James and his deep, rich and emotive voice will find a home on radio. If you like country/rock, or any artist mentioned above, then you’ll certainly enjoy James Otto’s great debut ‘Days Of Our Lives.’

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