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Nashville Acoustic Sessions - Malo, Flynn, Ickes, and Pomeroy

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Nashville Acoustic Sessions

Nashville Acoustic Sessions

The Bottom Line

Eleven classic songs served on a delicious acoustic platter with Raul Malo’s velvet smooth tenor as “icing on the cake.”
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  • “Blue Bayou”
  • ”Bright Side Of The Road"
  • ”Hot Burrito #1"


  • None.


  • 11 classic songs from the likes of The Louvin Brothers and Bob Dylan among others.
  • Released by CMH Recordings.
  • Laid-back, relaxed acoustic music.

Guide Review - Nashville Acoustic Sessions - Malo, Flynn, Ickes, and Pomeroy

The premise for “The Nashville Acoustic Sessions” would lead many skeptics wondering of it’d “work.” Well, CMH Records picked some genuinely talented musicians to select 11 classic songs and work them up as acoustic “country” songs. The band features Raul Malo (of the Mavericks) on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Pat Flynn on acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals, dobroist Rob Ickes and bassist Dave Pomeroy. While Malo is, by far, the most recognizable name on the album, the other three members of this “super group” are quite well known throughout the acoustic music world.

Raul Malo has often been compared to Roy Orbison and on Roy’s “Blue Bayou” he showcases exactly why. In the hands of a lesser singer, the song would be butchered, with Raul, it is an instant classic. The Louvin Brother’s “The Great Atomic Power” sounds much like it probably did in the past but here the band sounds like they’ve got the Jordaniares backing them up. The Burrito Brothers hit “Hot Burrito #1” is tastefully done as well. Van Morrison’s great “Bright Side Of The Road” fits perfectly on this acoustic set.

Fans of Raul Malo, The Mavericks, acoustic music or those just looking for something different should check out “The Nashville Acoustic Sessions.” Each of these classic songs is done so tastefully and intimate, it’s as if they were being played on your front porch. That, my friends is the sign of a great and timeless album.

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