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Bluegrass Number Ones - Various Artists

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Bluegrass Number Ones - Various Artists

Bluegrass Number Ones - Various Artists

The Bottom Line

If you already are a bluegrass lover or a newbie to the genre 'Bluegrass Number 1's' is a collection that will please old and new fans alike. With eighteen songs listener's are sure to enjoy this album containing some of the finest bluegrass songs around.
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  • "Lonesome Wind Blues"
  • "Riding The Danville Pike"
  • "Carry Me Across The Mountain"


  • None.


  • Eighteen wonderful tracks.
  • Features the likes of Rhonda Vincent, Alison Krauss, and Del McCoury Band.
  • Wonderful musicians found on each and every instrument.

Guide Review - Bluegrass Number Ones - Various Artists

After listening to 'Bluegrass Number 1's', I'd have to say that they really did pick out some of the greatest songs in the genre and put them in one collection. Where else would you hear Blue Highway, Rhonda Vincent, Del McCoury Band, Alison Krauss + Union Station, & others on one album?

Known as the "Mandolin Mama," Rhonda Vincent starts out with "Lonesome Wind Blues," & later on sings the tribute to Bill Monroe, "Is the Grass Any Bluer." Bobby Hicks with Del McCoury sing about getting dressed up so that they can go out, stay out late, & have fun in "We're Steppin' Out Tonight." "Who Will Watch The Home Place?" is the first slow song & Laurie Lewis' voice sounds soothing while singing about wondering of things to come.

"New Fool" & "So Long, So Wrong" are two numbers Alison Krauss + Union Station perform & there is no doubt the talent that they all have, both vocally & musically. "Waiting for You," by J.D. Crowe & The New South, is one of those upbeat bluegrass songs you have listen to in order to enjoy as is "Riding The Danville Pike," which would make just about want to get up and move along to the incredibly fast music.

Dan Tyminski's contribution is "Carry Me Across the Mountain," while the Johnson Mountain Boys sing "Duncan & Brady (He's Been on the Job Too Long), and Longview wraps up the eighteen tracks with "I've Never Been So Lonesome." Also included in this collection is a bonus disc with eight songs from the likes of Alecia Nugent, Open Road, & Ron Block.

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