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Right Now - Rushlow

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Right Now - Rushlow

Right Now - Rushlow

The Bottom Line

A confident debut from a talented band with a veteran lead singer.
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  • "Right Now"
  • "Texas Is My Kind Of Town"
  • "Since When"


  • Doesn't have as many band harmonies as I expected.


  • Debut album for Lyric Street Records.
  • There are six band members.
  • Co-produced by Tim Rushlow, Jeff Balding and Christy DiNapoli.

Guide Review - Right Now - Rushlow

Tim Rushlow has been around the block to know a good thing when he sees it. After leading Little Texas throughout the 1990's Tim embarked on a solo career with Atlantic Records only to see that dream shattered when the label closed due to consolidation. A dream he had with Cousin Doni Harris became a reality when they played with four other band members (Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy, Billy Welch and Rich Redmond) and formed Rushlow in 2002.

After being signed by Lyric Street Records, Rushlow went into the studio to record their debut album ‘Right Now.’ The album is full of potential hit singles. “Since When” is a not-over-you yet ballad, “Sweet Summer Rain” has a melody and lyric that reminds me of something Kenny Chesney or McGraw might sing. “Texas Is My Kind Of Town” is a Texas Music styled rocker that is all about the beautiful state that Rushlow hails from. The album closing “Speechless” has the potential to be a wedding anthem in 2004. “Still” has a melody backing a chorus that won’t get out of your head.

While a relatively short album at only 10 tracks, Rushlow's 'Right Now' is an enjoyable album packed with the kind of modern country music that is popular on the radio. If you like music by bands like Lonestar, Emerson Drive and Rascal Flatts, or Tim Rushlow’s solo album then you’ll enjoy this fine debut effort by Rushlow.

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