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Strong - Tracy Lawrence

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Strong - Tracy Lawrence

Strong - Tracy Lawrence

The Bottom Line

If you want an album with songs that will touch your heart in one song and then make you smile in another, then 'Strong' is for you. Tracy Lawrence has grown in the songs he selects and it shows.
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  • "Questionnaire"
  • "Sawdust On Her Halo"
  • "What The Flames Feel Like"


  • None.


  • Tracy's tenth album.
  • Prevelant newfound maturity in songs.
  • Honky tonk voice that is easy to listen to.

Guide Review - Strong - Tracy Lawrence

Tracy has talked about how he has matured & with 'Strong' he has selected songs that he might not have chosen a few years ago. It is great that he has grown into being comfortable with songs that are different because it makes for an interesting album. On a few of the songs you might have to listen to them again because they make you think.

Single moms take note because "Strong" might become an anthem for you. "She can take the heat she can take the cold winter she's got faith there's no quit in her" Tracy sings. Even in a moment of weakness she will cry one single tear yet remain strong. "Stones" is a wonderful song about all of the things a person goes through in their life and & each turn marks a new passage.

"Paint Me A Birmingham" is a song already recognized from the radio & whether you like Tracy or Ken Mellon's version the song conveys missing love either way. Things don't always go the way we want & that fact is portrayed in an mid-tempo fashion in "Everywhere But Hollywood." "There's victories & broken dreams that never make the silver screen."

"What The Flames Feel Like" has a bit of an edge to it & reminds me of something more along the lines of a Montgomery Gentry song, but Tracy really sounds great on it & gets you feeling energized. Tracy likes to sing shuffles and he finally had a chance to record one called "Sawdust On Her Halo," written by Monty Criswell & Rick Huckaby. "The Questionnaire" is a slow song that uses lyrics & music as emotion.

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