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Wishbones - Slaid Cleaves

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Wishbones - Slaid Cleaves

Wishbones - Slaid Cleaves

The Bottom Line

A well done album from a modern poet, “Wishbones” is the type of CD that fans of Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen, Mary Chapin Carpenter and other Texas music artists, can enjoy. It’s not a groundbreaking record by any means but one definitely worth owning for each song has a compelling story to tell.
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  • “Tiger Tom Dixon’s Blues”
  • "Quick As Dreams"
  • "Horses"


  • None.


  • 11 songs featured, all written by Slaid Cleaves.
  • Released by Philo/Rounder Records.
  • Features a mixture of blues, country, rock and folk music.

Guide Review - Wishbones - Slaid Cleaves

Originally from the northeastern part of the United States, Slaid Cleaves has found a home and a large fan base in Texas. On ‘Wishbones,’ Slaid’s fourth for Philo Records (including a holiday CD), Slaid continues to weave stories about various people in with compelling musical arrangements and lyrical hooks. The title track on the first hand sounds like it’s a slow track yet by the chorus it picks up with a memorable chorus.

“Road Too Long,” “Drinkin Days” and “Sinner’s Prayer” all tell compelling stories that stick with the listener long after they are over. “Tiger Tom Dixon’s Blues” reminds me of a Bill Mallonee/Vigilantes of Love track in that it features a blues rock riff and a storyteller vocal style. This is a song that would do well on Adult Rock radio. “Quick As Dreams” finds an old man recounting the stories of his youth to his grandchildren while “Horses” finds Slaid singing about a man so down on his luck that it’s almost comical. “Horses” also features Slaid doing something that is a treat to hear these days, he yodels twice in the song.

While it has taken Slaid Cleaves nearly four full years to complete his third full-length album for Philo Records, time has served his voice and musical style well. Instead of just being a singer/songwriter, Slaid is now a complete artist with a complete set of great songs.

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