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American Child - Phil Vassar
American Child - Phil Vassar
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Phil Vassar CD Review

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American Child is the sophomore project from songwriter extraordinaire, Phil Vassar. Like his first album, Phil has co-written all the songs on this disk, and there's not a bad song to be found.

Much of the song topics deal with being in love, and it's not a strange thing seeing as Phil just recently got married. Like his last album, he's definitely got much that will be treated kindly on country radio. From the swampy start of the fun "Athens Grease," to the uplifting "American Child," and the song of old memories, "I Thought I Never Would Forget" there are songs for every mood, from the humorous to the very serious.

As I write this review, Phil's first single, the title track, is sitting at 21 on the Billboard Country Singles charts, and I'm sure it will hit the Top 5. The song talks about growing up as an American Child. In the video, Phil even uses his daughter, Haley in the part of the little girl, and she's adorable.

The second song has hit written all over it. Just one listen, and you can tell it's a Phil Vassar song. It's hard to explain, but it just has a rhythm to it that many of his hits has. He sings "But why is my heart so weak and my memory so strong. Somebody give me one good reason love is too short, and forgettin's so long..."

Sometimes you might talk about something 'til it's too late to do anything about it. This is the subject of the third song "Time's Wastin'." This is another song that has an interesting cadence to the lyrics.

"I'm Already Gone" is a love song, plain and simple. He says he never thought he'd feel this way, but he's past the line and he feels "I know we can make it. We can make it with a little luck."

"Athens Grease" is a fun song that reminds me of something Joe Diffie might sing, cuz it's fun, and the lyrics have double meanings. Phil sings, "The only man in town who can make Charlie Vincent's van go." Very cool song.

In "Baby, You're Right" Phil admits that he always dreams about his girl day and night, and maybe he has fallen in love with her. This is another one that I'm sure will do well on country radio.

"Ultimate Love" reminds me a bit of "Bye Bye" and like that song, I know this will be another hit for Phil. He sings about the Mona Lisa, and Casa Blanca and Cancun, and Joe Namath, and singing "Piano Man" in Vegas. Lots of fun images in this song.

Phil sings about a love that's gone and the memories left behind in "I Thought I Never Would Forget." Again, the lyrics are really interesting. Not just your normal way of saying you remember things from looking through a box of pictures. Phil has a way of painting images that you can't forget, like "Here's us dancing on your birthday, July 29th or 28th. The song was "Always and Forever," I'm not sure but I remember that's the night we first made love."

If you enjoyed Phil's first album, or even if you've liked a song or two that you've heard him sing, you will most definitely enjoy this album as well. Phil has a way with songs, and after a listen or two, you'll be playing this album over and over again, and enjoying it each and every time just like the first.

Album cover, used with permission of Arista Nashville.

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