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line Billy Hoffman - All I Wanted Was You

Billy Hoffman lives his life to perform. The Oklahoma native brings to his debut release what few other artists do and that's a fan base created from the hundreds of thousands he has performed for over the last 4 years. About 200 nights a year, you'll find Billy playing the biggest clubs, festivals and fairs leaving a trail of great music and new fans across the country. Billy's live performances have brought him to the point where major Nashville stars have asked him to open their shows. Billy has opened for 38 established Nashville performers including Toby Keith, Merle Haggard, Lee Ann Womack Tracy Lawrence and Diamond Rio to name a few.

Born in Arkansas and raised in Poteau, Oklahoma, Hoffman's interest in music began in early

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youth. It didn't take long for him to turn learning to play the guitar for fun into a driving passion for music. He knew that music had to be a major part of his life. Billy played in several different bands while attending high school. His early influences, such as the Eagles, Glen Campbell, ZZ Top, Roy Clark and southern rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Charlie Daniels can all be heard in his music today, giving it a life of its own.

After serving in the military he entered college majoring in the love of his life, music. He also performed with the university's Horizon Show Choir, who went on to win several national titles featuring Billy and his unique vocal prowess. This set the tone for his future and his heart's desire to create music that could touch the heart of his audiences.

That desire has led him to the release of his debut Critter Records release ALL I WANTED WAS YOU. The album was produced by country legend, Joe Stampley. Stampley ranks as Billboard's 52nd all time country singles artist and knows what it takes to become a successful artist with a long career. Those qualities are what he saw in Billy the first time he saw him live. Stampley goes on to say, "When I saw him perform the energy of his live show and the way he relates to an audience - he blew me away. I was truly impressed. Those are the things that we wanted to capture and I feel like we did it with this record."

Billy is proud of the songs on the record and their ability to portray the feelings and emotions of real life. "My music has to be real. It has to be able to relate to the fun, the excitement, the love and the disappointments of life's journey. They must be songs that get into the living of life." That's exactly what the album's first single "You're the ticket" does with it's message of love and the freedom of the open road. Billy co-wrote the smoking "One Bad Habit" which has already inspired his concert audiences to create a line dance to go along with it's grinding rhythm and the song's tale of love's fixation. But the power of record could be in it's ballads. As Stampley relates "He's just got such believability in his vocals, you believe he's actually in the situation of the song. All you have to do is listen to his incredible version of 'I Go Crazy' to hear the power he has to take a song and make it his own."

But it's still the call of the live performance that speaks to Billy and drives him to keep such a busy schedule. Billy says of performing, "It's like falling in love for the first time every time I go on stage. When people come to see me, they're spending their entertainment dollar. And if they're going to spend it with me, then I'm going to give them the best that I've got to give."

Raised by a family with stakes in the highway construction business Billy learned this kind of work ethic at an early age working along side his dad on the highways of Eastern Oklahoma. However, his dad has always been there to encourage him to do what would make him happy. Billy says, "My dad told me he never saw me as happy as when I was performing and that I needed to pursue it. He never wanted me to look back and wonder what would have ever happened, but to go out there and do what I loved."

So you know where you can find Billy, he's out there singing, playing, and taking his music to the people and living his dream. And now it's time for him to share his talent and dream with you with the album ALL I WANTED WAS YOU.


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