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Wings of a Honky Tonk Angel - Brad Martin
Wings of a Honky Tonk Angel
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Reviewed by Jennifer Webb

Brad Martin is an artist that is just making it in the country music business and hopes to score big with his debut album, Wings Of A Honky Tonk Angel. He has written over four hundred songs, was born in the same hometown as Johnny Paycheck, and carries on the musical traditions of his father, who also had a band. He would go to bed every night hearing a bass or drums and would often think about a career of his own, which he now has and will have for years to come.

"Before I Knew Better," Brad's first single and video, is a song about learning a lesson, the one in this particular instance happens to be about letting liquor rule his life and ending up in more trouble than he was to begin with. Once he met his girl he lived the party life and so she gave him an ultimatum and he said, "There's the door, whatcha waitin' for?" When he woke up the next morning he realized he just made the biggest mistake of his life and he prayed that they could work it out because he wanted to change.

A tender, more gentle side of Brad is shown on "That's A Woman," as he sings about what makes his wife so beautiful - the simple things; Painting her toes, dancing around, wearing no makeup all make him so glad that he has a woman that loves him unconditionally and is not worried about looking perfect all the time - that is a true woman in his book. Even after a working all day she comes home, leaves the nine-to-five where it is supposed to be, and asks her husband how his day is, because she genuinely cares about her husband.

In the perky and fun song, "Just Like Love," we hear of a guy that had a close girl friend, and how, out of the blue, he fell for her and wanted to become more than just her pal. It caught them both by surprise because that is how love always seems to be - very unexpected. He never in a million years would have imagined that happening but it did and he was ecstatic that he finally found someone that he could laugh with and enjoy the company of.

"Rub Me The Right Way" is a honky-tonkin' tune about a demanding boss that gets on his nerves and runs him into the ground. He looks forward to going home to his baby treating him the right way because she knows what kind of day he has and she will make him feel better. Instead of being bossy and asking him to do things, he will be able to relax and take it easy until the process starts all over again the next day.

The title cut, "Wings Of A Honky Tonk Angel," is a slow story song about looking into a mirror and seeing a fool staring back. He tries to let his troubles soar away so that maybe he will forget about the breakup and find another girl like the one he just lost, but the pain is too rough for him to handle and he wants it to go away in order to move on with his life. He feels as though everything was his fault and so he becomes depressed.

From the first guitar riff in "Damn The Whiskey," I could immediately tell it was my kind of tune. It has energy and spunk and is sure to sound great at a concert or bar. The man in the song gets sick of having the Whiskey make him feel so good when he is supposed to be so blue. He keeps looking at the waitress and says that after another shot he knows he will try to make his move on her, and right after that it is as if he feels guilty for acting that way because he knows it is all because of the liquor he has been drinking.

Being a fan of traditional style country, I was pleased to hear that while keeping with hard-core country sounds, he does have it updated a little bit to appeal to more of a contemporary feel that will appeal to many fans. He has upbeat, mid-tempo, and slow songs and he sings them all perfectly with his smooth voice that he began performing with at the age of five. You can tell that this guy is professional and will make it far, and I know I will be listening to this album many times over.

Song List:

  1. Before I Knew Better
  2. Now That's A Woman
  3. Just Like Love
  4. Rub Me The Right Way
  5. Wings Of A Honky Tonk Angel
  6. Run To Me
  7. Completely
  8. Damn The Whiskey
  9. The Fifth
  10. Making Me Wait

Album cover courtesy of Sony Nashville

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