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Don Williams Concert Review
Reviewed by Jolene Downs

On Wednesday, July 4, I went to see Don Williams in concert at Silver Springs Attraction in Silver Springs, FL. It was a hot, humid summer day in Central Florida, but several dedicated fans braved the heat and humidity to see the legendary performer in person. He kept commenting on that very thing, shaking his head as he looked out on the lawn and saying, "I just can't believe this" over and over throughout the concert. He seemed genuinely surprised people would really brave the discomfort just to hear him sing.

Don came onstage at 3 pm. I have listened to Don Williams's music since I was very small and this was the first time I had a

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chance to see him live. He was dressed casually in jeans, denim shirt and his trademark hat. He sat down through the entire set, and would occasionally talk to his audience - but mainly just gave the people the great music they came to hear. Don has a slow, southern drawl when he speaks. He is relatively soft spoken for such a big guy, and I can truly see how he came to be known as the "Gentle Giant." Overall, the show was uneventful and Don handled the one small speaker glitch like the seasoned performer he is.

About halfway through the show, the speakers started to emit a little static. The band kept giving them sideways glances as they continued to play. The "static" soon turned to full-scale "noise" and the music slowly came to a standstill. Don just grinned and shook his head while the sound engineer worked to fix the problem. As soon as it got quiet he just started singing from where he left off. The band looked at each other, shrugged and jumped in to join him. Don continued on, staying onstage almost an hour and a half, singing many old favorites and bringing back lots of good memories.

Don Williams Don is not the person to go see if you expect a big "production." But if what you are looking for is some Country music at its finest, then I strongly recommend attending a Don Williams show if given the chance. He is one of Country Music's true Living Legends, and I was in awe the entire time he was onstage.

I'm including a list of songs Don performed. While I recognized every single one of the songs that he sang, I'm not positive on all of the titles. So I apologize if I get a title incorrect. I was not able to get a song list from them.

Song List:

Audio clips courtesy of: Barnes & Noble.
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which are © to Jolene Downs.

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