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We are starting with 100 Duo or Groups to vote on, based on your nominations and the list I had previously. Each week I will remove the 10 lowest-voted Duo or Groups from the entire list. When we reach 40 Duo or Groups, I will remove the 5 lowest-voted Duo or Groups from the entire list. We'll continue this way until we reach the Top 10, where only the lowest-voted Duo or Group will be removed each week until we reach the Top 5. Then, we move the poll to the forum for voting, so there is no issue with crashing the polls. In the forums, you may vote with a user name, or as a guest, but only once per poll. Of course, you can delete your cookies and keep voting as a guest, but that seems like a lot of work, having to redo all your cookies just for this poll. Each week the scores are reset to 0.

We have reached 40 Duos or Groups, so now we will remove the bottom 5 each week until we reach 10 Duos or Groups. When we reach 10 Duos or Groups we will remove 1 Duos or Groups a week until we reach 5 Duos or Groups, then we move the poll to the forum for voting as listed in the paragraph above. The Duo or Group with the LOWEST scores will be removed from the ENTIRE list (not each poll box). Scores are reset each week to 0.

DO keep in mind that if a poll box crashes, that Duo or Group will be disqualified, so you don't want to have everyone voting at one time. I will be monitoring the polls on and off, during the final weeks of voting so that I can remove any polls that have crashed. Please email me if you notice a poll has crashed, so I can remove it.

Also, keep in mind that if polls start crashing prior to reaching the final 5, I will move the poll immediately to the Forum for voting.


I have noticed that there are people voting in the "other" part of the poll. I have no idea why. If you think you are voting against the duo or group, you aren't. If you want to support your favorite duo or group, you should be voting for them, not voting in the "other" section of another poll box. If I see these "other" poll votes increasing in a way that looks like someone is trying to crash a particular poll box, I will have to close the polls and move them to the forum where you can only vote one time per user name. So again, I ask STOP VOTING ON THE "OTHER" OPTION! I can't make a poll with one voting option, so there has to be a second option. Can't we all play fairly?


(When removing 10 Duos or Groups a week): I will count ties up to the maximum amount of 10. If there are more Duo or Groups tied than 10, no Duo or Groups will be removed that week.
(When removing 5 Duos or Groups a week): If there are more than 5 Duos or Groups tied, no Duos or Groups will be removed that week.
(When removing 1 Duo or Group a week): Neither Duo or Group will be removed if there is a tie.

Please know that multiple voting is allowed. This isn't rocket science, it's merely a fun poll. If you can't take it as just a game, you might want to skip playing. :)

And above all else, have fun!

I'll be out of town over the weekend of the 18th, so next week's poll will go into the forum for two weeks, from September 12 - 25th. Since there will only be three duo/groups left at that time, on the 26th, we'll have our winner.

I'm moving the polls to the Forums for the last two weeks.

Vote for your Favorite Duo or Group

Voting runs from September 12th - September 25th

Voting ends at AROUND 3pm PT on September 25th, at which point no more votes will be registered. Results will be tabulated and posted by Monday morning. -->

You can also view the Duo or Groups that have been removed from the list in previous weeks.

Our winner is:
Trick Pony at the ACM Awards in 2005


Thanks to all the fans of all the duos and groups that voted each week. You guys rock!


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