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Garth Brooks Guitar Tabs, Chords & Lyrics

Below are listed links to Guitar Tablature, Chords, and Lyrics for Garth Brooks Music. I've listed them by album. Each album is also linked to a page where you can compare prices at various Internet retailers, should you want to purchase that album.

Songs that made the Top 500 Country Songs list are marked with

Files with an * are from the Limited Series version of the CD.

Compare Prices Garth Brooks

Alabama Clay (Crd)
Alabama Clay (Lyr)
Cowboy Bill (Crd)
Cowboy Bill (Lyr)
Every Time That It Rains (Crd)
Every Time That It Rains (Lyr)
If Tomorrow Never Comes (Crd)
If Tomorrow Never Comes (Lyr)
Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) (Crd)
Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) (Lyr)
Not Counting You (Crd)
Not Counting You (Lyr)
The Dance (Crd)
The Dance (Lyr)
Uptown Down Home Good Ole Boy (Crd) *
Uptown Down Home Good Ole Boy (Lyr) *

Compare Prices
No Fences

Friends in Low Places (Crd)
Friends in Low Places (Lyr)
Friends in Low Places (3rd Verse) (Crd) New Way To Fly (Crd)
This Ain't Tennessee (Crd) *
This Ain't Tennessee (Lyr) *
Two of a Kind (Workin' on a Full House) (Crd)
Two of a Kind (Workin' on a Full House) (Lyr)
The Thunder Rolls (Crd)
The Thunder Rolls(Lyr)
Unanswered Prayers (Crd)
Unanswered Prayers (Tab)
Unanswered Prayers (Lyr)
Victim of the Game (Crd)
Victim of the Game (Lyr)
Wild Horses (Crd)
Wild Horses (Lyr)
Wolves (Crd)
Wolves (Lyr)

Compare Prices Ropin' The Wind

Against The Grain (Crd)
Against The Grain (Lyr)
Burning Bridges (Crd)
Burning Bridges (Lyr)
Cold Shoulder (Crd)
Cold Shoulder (Lyr)
In Lonesome Dove (Crd)
In Lonesome Dove (Lyr)
Papa Loved Mama (Crd)
Papa Loved Mama (Lyr)
Rodeo (Crd)
Rodeo (Lyr)
Shameless (Crd)
Shameless (Lyr)
The River (Crd)
The River (Lyr)
What She's Doing Now (Crd)
What She's Doing Now (Lyr)
Which One Of Them (Crd) *
Which One Of Them (Lyr) *

Compare Prices The Chase

Dixie Chicken (Crd)
Dixie Chicken (Lyr)
Every Now And Then (Crd)
Every Now and Then (Tab)
Every Now And Then (Lyr)
Learning to Live Again (Crd)
Learning To Live Again (Lyr)
Night Riders Lament (Crd)
Night Riders Lament (Lyr)
Somewhere Other Than The Night (Tab)
Somewhere Other Than The Night (Lyr)
That Summer (Crd)
That Summer (Tab)
That Summer (Lyr)
We Shall Be Free (Crd)
We Shall Be Free (Lyr)

Compare Prices In Pieces

Ain't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up) (Crd)
Ain't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up) (Lyr)
A.H.B.A. (Crd)
A.H.B.A. (Lyr)
Anonymous (Crd) *
Anonymous (Lyr) *
One Night a Day (Crd)
One Night a Day (Lyr)
Standing Outside The Fire (Crd)
Standing Outside The Fire (Lyr)
The Cowboy Song (Crd)
The Cowboy Song (Lyr)
The Night I Called the Old Man Out (Crd)
The Night Will Only Know (Crd)
The Red Strokes (Tab)

Compare Prices Fresh Horses

Callin' Baton Rouge (Crd)
Callin' Baton Rouge (Tab)
Cowboys and Angels (Tab)
Ireland (Crd)
Rollin (Crd)
She's Every Woman (Crd)
She's Every Woman (Tab)
That Old Wind (Crd)
The Beaches of Cheyenne (Crd)
The Change (Crd)
The Old Stuff (Crd)
To Make You Feel My Love (Crd) *

Compare Prices Sevens

A Friend To Me (Crd)
A Friend To Me(Lyr)
Belleau Wood (Crd)
Belleau Wood(Lyr)
Cowboy Cadillac (Crd)
Cowboy Cadilac(Lyr)
Do What You Gotta Do (Crd)
Do What You Gotta Do(Lyr)
Fit For A King (Crd)
Fit For A King(Lyr)
How You Ever Gonna Know (Crd)
How You Ever Gonna Know(Lyr)
I Don't Have To Wonder (Crd)
I Don't Have To Wonder (Lyr)
In Another's Eyes (Crd)
Longneck Bottle (Crd)
Longneck Bottle(Lyr)
She's Gonna Make It (Crd)
She's Gonna Make It(Lyr)
Take The Keys To My Heart (Crd)
Two Piña Coladas (Crd)
When There's No One Around (Crd)
When There's No One Around(Lyr)
You Move Me (Crd)
You Move Me(Lyr)

Compare Prices Double Live

It's Your Song (Crd)
It's Your Song (Lyr)
Tearing It Up and Burning It Down (Crd)
Tearin' It Up (And Burnin' It Down) (Lyr)
Wild as the Wind (Crd)
Wild As The Wind (Lyr)

Compare Prices In the Life of Chris Gaines

Digging For Gold (Lyr)
Driftin' Away (Crd)
Driftin' Away (Lyr)
It Don't Matter To The Sun (Crd)
It Don't Matter To The Sun (Lyr)
Lost In You (Crd)
Lost In You (Lyr)
Main Street (Crd)
Main Street (Lyr)
Maybe (Lyr)
My Love Tells Me So (Lyr)
Right Now (Lyr)
Snow In July (Lyr)
That's The Way I Remember It (Lyr)
Unsigned Letter (Crd)
Unsigned Letter (Lyr)
Way of the Girl (Lyr)
White Flag (Lyr)

Not on Garth's Albums

American Pie (Crd)
A World Without You (Duet with Trisha) (Crd)
Hard Luck Woman (Crd)
You May Be Right (Crd)

Compare Prices Scarecrow

Beer Run (duet with George Jones) (Lyr)
Big Money (Crd)
Big Money (Lyr)
Don't Cross The River (Crd)
Don't Cross The River (Lyr)
Mr. Midnight (Tab)
Mr. Midnight (Lyr)
Pushing Up Daisies(Crd)
Pushing Up Daisies (Lyr)
Rodeo or Mexico (Crd)
Rodeo Or Mexico (Lyr)
Squeeze Me In (duet with Trisha Yearwood) (Crd)
Squeeze Me In (Lyr)
The Storm (Crd)
The Storm (Lyr)
Thicker Than Blood (Crd)
Thicker Than Blood (Lyr)
When You Come Back To Me Again (Crd)
When You Come Back To Me Again (Lyr)
Why Ain't I Running (Crd)
Why Ain't I Runnin' (Lyr)
Wrapped Up In You (Crd)
Wrapped Up In You (Lyr)

Compare Prices Beyond The Season

The Gift (Crd)

The Lost Sessions

Allison Miranda (Lyr)
American Dream (Lyr)
For a Minute There (Lyr)
Good Ride Cowboy (Lyr)
I'd Rather Have Nothing (Lyr)
I'll Be The Wind (Lyr)
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream (Crd)
My Baby No Esta Aqui No More (Lyr)
Please Operator (Could You Trace This Call) (Lyr)
That Girl Is A Cowboy (Lyr)

Compare Prices Ultimate Hits

More Than a Memory (Crd)
More than a Memory (Lyr)

Garth Brooks Reviews

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