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Genuine - The Derailers - CD Contest
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Welcome to the Genuine CD Contest.

We are giving away a copy of The Derailer's Genuine CD to one lucky contestant, courtesy of Sony Nashville.


  • Contest runs from: March 24th - April 6th
    Any entries received BEFORE or AFTER those dates will NOT be accepted.
  • Contest open to residents of the United States and Canada ONLY. EXCEPT for residents of Florida or Quebec.
  • Entries must contain all three questions answered correctly to be eligible for the drawing for the CD.
  • Answers to questions can be found in Matt's review of Genuine.
  • ONE Entry per person! (Duplicate entries will be deleted.)
  • If you have won a contest on this site in the past 60 days, you are not eligible to win again until the 60 days have passed.
  • Winners will be contacted via e-mail to verify mailing address. Winners will have seven (7) days to reply back via e-mail with their mailing address, or prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen.

    Contest is over. Thanks for your interest.

    Album cover used with permission of Sony Nashville.

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