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I Need You - LeAnn Rimes
I Need You Cover
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Reviewed by Trisha Huenke

LeAnn Rimes' new album titled I Need You is not a country album... but then it never claimed to be. Now how refreshing is that? Finally we have an artist who is straightforward about the fact that she wants to sing pop music. None of that whole "pop music in the disguise of a bad country album" scenario. At least she's honest.

The album itself was originally released last year, but for whatever reason it is being released again this year, with some additional material. All the tracks on the original release are on this one, including two songs from the "Coyote Ugly" soundtrack. The version of "But I Do Love You" is not the one occasionally heard on country radio.

The other songs a mix of ballads and mid-tempo AC brand pop. Not bad, by any means, but not a lot stands out as exceptional. I do like the duet with Elton John titled "Written In The Stars." I admit I'm a bit surprised how well the two sound together.

The first additional track is "Light The Fire Within," the song LeAnn performed in the Opening Ceremony of the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Nice song, the lyrics are inspirational, but I don't think it would make a very radio friendly song.

The other extra material on the CD consists of dance mix versions of "Can't Fight The Moonlight," "But I Do Love You," "Soon," and "I Need You." Now, I'm not sure what the point was for these bonus tracks. It's the same song, performed the same way as the other version; it just has dance music and a little echo in the background. It sounds like they literally took the voice track for these songs and just electronically put in the dance rhythm. They don't fit and they sound awkward.

LeAnn Rimes has a lot of talent. She proved that from the very beginning. What she needs to do is develop a style all her own. Maybe when she figures out who LeAnn is, what LeAnn sings, and down what avenue LeAnn wants to take her career, maybe then she'll live up to her full potential.

Song List:

  1. Light The Fire Within
  2. I Need You
  3. But I Do Love You
  4. You Are
  5. Soon
  6. Can't Fight The Moonlight
  7. Love Must Be Telling Me Something Edit)
  8. Written In The Stars - (with Elton John)
  9. One Of These Days
  10. I Believe In You
  11. Together, Forever, Always
  12. Can't Fight The Moonlight - (bonus track, Graham Stack Radio Edit)
  13. But I Do Love You - (bonus track, Almighty Radio Edit)
  14. Soon - (bonus track, Graham Stack Radio Edit)
  15. I Need You - (bonus track, Graham Stack Radio)

Album cover, used with permission of Curb.

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