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CD Review: Inspirational Journey - Randy Travis

line Randy Travis - Inspirational Journey
Reviewed by Carrie Attebury

I have always been a big Randy Travis fan and his latest album, "Inspirational Journey," a collection of gospel songs, is AWESOME.

"Baptism" is a song about a young boy's memories of the day that he was baptized. I love the verse that goes: "Down With The Old Man Up With The New, Raised To Walk In The Ways Of Light And True, I Didnt See No Angels, Just A Few Saints On The Shore, But I Felt Like A Newborn Baby Cradled Up In The Arms Of The Lord."

Inspirational Journey Cover
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Randy Travis

"Which Way Will You Choose" is an upbeat bluegrass-style song that asks the question of will you give your heart and life to Jesus, or be condemed to hell with Satan.

"See Myself In You" is a beautiful song that I take to be about Jesus. There is an old saying that goes: "Don't Ever Turn Some One In Need Away Because It Might Be Jesus" and this song reminds me of that.

"Don't Sell Your Saddle" features Marty Stuart on Mandolin. It is a song that shares with us some very good words to live by from a father to a son. My personal favorites are: "Never Owe Another Man" and "Never Lose Your Pride."

"The Carpenter" features Jessi Colter and Waylon Jennings. It tells us of what we need to do and of the "Home No Man Could Design" that is waiting for us in Heaven. And how the good deeds we do through life are the hammer and the nails that build us the ladder to take us up to Heaven.

"Amazing Grace" has always been one of my favorite gospel songs, and Randy does the most beautiful acoustic version that I have ever heard.

Song List

  1. Shallow Water
  2. Baptism
  3. Which Way Will You Choose
  4. Doctor Jesus
  5. Drive Another Nail>
  6. See Myself In You
  7. Feet On The Rock
  8. Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle
  9. The Carpenter
  10. Walk With Me
  11. I Am Going
  12. Amazing Grace.

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