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Workin' on a Groove - Jameson Clark
Workin' on a Groove - Jameson Clark
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Reviewed by Matt Bjorke

Many critics complain that there isn't enough diversity in modern Country music while at the same time traditionalists and modern fans are often at odds over what is perceived as "Country." To many, all an artist needs to be a "Country" act is either a southern accented vocal style or some fiddle and steel guitar.

Jameson Clark's debut release is the aptly titled Workin' On A Groove. He co-produced the album with Ron Stuve and Christy DiNapoli while co-writing every eccentric track. What is evident from the first moan of "Waitin' On The Whiskey" to the ending tones of "When I'm Done," Jameson isn't like anyone else currently on country radio. There's touches of everything from ZZ Top, Gary Allan, Dwight Yoakam, and even a bit of Aerosmith.

"Waitin' On The Whiskey" is a great way to kick off this value priced 8 track CD. No, it's not "traditional" yet it's not pop influenced either. What we have here is a Dwight Yoakam influenced track about trying to get over a bad relationship. If I were Capitol Nashville, I'd release this track as the second single.

"You Da Man" is the first single from the CD. It's almost a "country rap" much like Toby Keith's "I Wanna Talk About Me" yet there is something off kilter about this song. Like a rap artist, Jameson is talking and or singing about himself being "da man."

"I'm Gonna Burn For This" has distorted guitars a la ZZ Top. The lyrics are on par with "Mrs. Steven Rudy" in that he wants to do "something" with a married woman, yet here he actually does. I cannot help but think of Hank Williams III when I hear Jameson on this track.

Remember my reference to Aerosmith? Well, "I Want It All" could fit on one of their records, musically and lyrically. This track is just a party type of song about a guy who wants that certain type of woman who will do everything he could ever ask.

"I Like Blondes" is a bluesy song that is a cute little ditty about the beauty of women. This is the type of song Toby Keith has become known for. There's some nice group background vocals and a nice amount of steel guitar augmented by fine guitar playing.

"Workin' On A Groove" is the best track of the bunch. Somewhat similar to Gary Allan with his vocal tone, Jameson is somewhat chameleon-like after his baritone vocals of "I Like Blondes" he's now more of a tenor on this track. This track is a bluesy song about a guy who just wants to have a good time.

"When I'm Done" is the final track on the album and it's a rockin track. The song is (again) talking about Jameson wanting to be at a party or bar somewhere.

Like Dwight Yoakam, Hank III, and others, Jameson has jumped into the country music scene with a slightly off-kilter album that suggests that he's not afraid to rock while also not being afraid of the twang in his voice. If country music is to continue to grow and attain new listeners, like the ever important money spending young generation, then they need more artists like Jameson Clark.

Song List:

  1. Waitin' On The Whiskey
  2. You Da Man
  3. I'm Gonna Burn For This
  4. All Afternoon
  5. I Want It All
  6. I Like Blondes
  7. Workin' On A Groove
  8. When I'm Done

Album cover and sound clips courtesy of of Capitol Nashville.

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