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Jason Aldean Guitar Tabs, Chords & Lyrics

Below are listed links to Guitar Tablature, Chords, and Lyrics for Jason Aldean Music. I've listed them by album. Each album is also linked to a page where you can compare prices at various Internet retailers, should you want to purchase that album.

(File updated May 16, 2009)

Jason Aldean

Amarillo Sky (Crd)
Amarillo Sky (Lyr)
Asphalt Cowboy (Lyr)
Even If I Wanted To (Lyr)
Good To Go (Lyr)
Hicktown (Lyr)
Hicktown (Crd)
I Believe In Ghosts (Lyr)
I'm Just A Man (Lyr)
Lonesome USA (Lyr)
She Loved Me (Lyr)
You're The Love I Wanna Be In (Lyr)
Why (Crd)
Why (Lyr)


A Grown Woman (Lyr)
Back in this Cigarette (Lyr)
Do You Wish It Was Me (Lyr)
I Break Everything I Touch (Lyr)
I Use What I Got (Lyr)
Johnny Cash (Crd)
Johnny Cash (Lyr)
Laughed Until We Cried (Lyr)
My Memory Ain't What It Used To Be (Lyr)
No (Lyr)
Not Every Man Lives (Lyr)
Relentless (Lyr)
Who's Kissing You Tonight (Lyr)

Wide Open

Big Green Tractor (Lyr)
Crazy Town (Lyr)
Don't Give Up On Me (Lyr)
Fast (Lyr)
Keep The Girl (Lyr)
Love Was Easy (Lyr)
On My Highway (Lyr)
She's Country (Lyr)
This I Gotta See (Lyr)
Truth (Lyr)
Wide Open (Lyr)

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