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CD Review: American III: Solitary Man - Johnny Cash

line Johnny Cash - American III: Solitary Man
Reviewed by Carrie Attebury

"American Three: Solitary Man" is an AWESOME release!! This is one of those albums you need to take with you on a long car trip.

"I Wont Back Down," the first song on the album features Tom Petty doing background vocals. He and Johnny sound really good together.

"Solitary Man," the old Neil Diamond tune has never sounded better then on the version on this album. Johnny's low growling style and the awesome guitar accompaniment make this song delightfully dark, and very cool.

American III: Solitary Man Cover
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Johnny Cash (Official)

"One" is rather a surprise. This song was originally done by alternative rock and roll group U2. It's strange to hear Johnny Cash singing it, but the message of the song is pure country. In society today people need to remember to love and help each other.

"Field Of Diamonds" features June Carter Cash and Sheryl Crowe. Those three sound AWESOME together. Sheryl could have a serious successful career as a bluegrass singer if she wanted. She sure has the voice for it.

"Before My Time" is a softer edged salute to music and love through the years. There has been music and love before us and those are two things that always will be.

I guess this will show what an avid reader I am. "Mary Of The Wildmoor" is very old Irish song that I can remember being mentioned in my "Little House On The Prairie" books.

"Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)" is a song that I have heard all my life and have just now started to understand. Written by David Allen Coe, it has always been surrounded in controversy for what people have thought it said. It is really a song about love and faithfulness of two people through life and after death..' the way it is supposed to be through all eternity.

"I'm Leavin' Now" is a totally true Johnny Cash song in the tradition of such songs as "Understand Your Man." The version on this album features Merle Haggard and I have to say Johnny and Merle sound better together on this song then they have in years. "The Old Dogs" don't need to be counted out yet. They still have a thing or two that they can teach the younger singers of today.

"Wayfaring Stranger" gives me the chills!! It is a beautiful hymn featuring rock and roll singer Sheryl Crow on accordion.

Song List

  1. I Wont Back Down
  2. Solitary Man
  3. That Lucky Old Sun
  4. One
  5. Nobody
  6. I See A Darkness
  7. The Mercy Seat
  8. Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
  9. Field Of Diamonds
  10. Before My Time
  11. Country Trash
  12. Mary Of The Wild Moor
  13. I'm Leavin' Now
  14. Wayfaring Stranger

All graphics © Shelly Fabian, with the exception of the album cover,
used with permission of Sony Nashville


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