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CD Review: Real Life - Jeff Carson

line Jeff Carson - Real Life
Reviewed by Jennifer Webb

Jeff Carson has been around since 1995, although he has had quite the struggle in getting his career to take off. I do believe that this is "the magical one" for him because of the many hit songs on this album alone added to the success of his title cut, "Real Life."

You may remember some of his popular hits: "Yeah Buddy," "Not on Your Love," and "The Car." Jeff has released a total of three albums ("Jeff Carson," "Butterfly Kisses," and the latest "Real Life") in his six-year career.

Real Life Cover
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Everyone that listens to the radio for any amount of time has probably heard the heart wrenching story song, "Real Life." We go from hearing about his first real painful situation (losing his dog), to being in high school, graduation, and the so-called wasted years of College. Nothing compared to how his life really began after meeting his wife: "I never was the same again, from that moment on real life began. With you." She had his child, and during labor he says once again that he would never be the same again because his life forever changed again that day he became a father.

"My One and Only Love" is a tender ballad paying tribute to the special woman in his life. If it wasn't for her undying love and support, he would still be an alcoholic and more than likely close to being completely gone. "She's all I need, hurt her and I bleed. She's my one and only love. When she cries, I cry. When she dies, I die."

The next song, "Shine On," has a very positive and uplifting message to it - everyone has a special gift, you can achieve your dreams, and "take the chance/dance the dance." All a person needs to accomplish things are a little bit of faith and desire and with that, you can easily move that mountain and climb to the top of it.

The woman wants to know to know if the man still loves her in "What's Not To Love." To prove his admiration, he lists qualities that help define her as the perfect companion. Those reasons let her know of his love and how there is nothing that would even make him think about breaking up the whole great relationship.

"Divine Intervention" has to be my favorite song from "Real Life," not only because of the upbeat tempo, but because of the storyline. While her boyfriend walked her home and they talked about marriage (though he was not ready), she stopped at a truck stop and suddenly fell in love with a transfer truck driver. Instead of wanting to marry her boyfriend she ran off and eloped with that driver. That summer the boyfriend cussed at the thought of what happened, but then one day he thought that it must have been the way it was supposed to be. A few years later he finally met his wife and he reflected on how he was glad his old fiancé ran away because he got the biggest catch of all.

In "Scars and All," Jeff sounds a little bit like Mark Wills does when he sings those powerful ballads of his. "Your love built a bridge where I put up a wall and you loved me, scars and all," he sings along with a breathy backup harmony singer that adds to the power and sentiment of the song.

This album carries on the latest trend of artists releasing country music that has no hint of the pop sound, all the while blazing up the charts. I am very pleased with all ten songs and I hope Mr. Carson continues having great success for the rest of his career.

Song List:

  1. Real Life (I Never Was The Same Again)
  2. My One And Only Love
  3. Until We Fall Back In Love Again
  4. I Almost Never Loved You
  5. Shine On
  6. Where Did I Go So Right
  7. What's Not To Love
  8. Divine Intervention
  9. It Wouldn't Kill Me
  10. Scars And All

Audio Clips courtesy of Amazon.
All graphics © Jennifer Webb, except the album cover, used with permission of Curb Records.

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