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Jennifer's Texas Country

Dateline: September 2, 2002

Last month I spotlighted Jim Lauderdale (Who was definitely not "Lost in the Lonesome Pines"); this month I will feature Kelly Willis, a tender-hearted singer with a voice of gold. Though Kelly Willis was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, she now calls Texas her home along with singer/songwriter husband (Bruce Robison) and their son.

In the early nineties, Nanci Griffith helped Kelly score a record deal after catching the end of a set and calling Tony Brown, an MCA

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Producer. After hearing her sing, he signed her to MCA Nashville and she released three albums in the span of four years.

After releasing those three albums she signed with A&M Records and released a four track EP in 1996. The EP, "Fading Fast" was not enough to keep her signed to the label as years later she indeed signed to Rykodisc and released her smash album called "What I Deserve." Along with its many accolades, the album has also been her best selling one to date because of such wonderful songs as "What I Deserve," "Wrapped," and "Not Forgotten You."

After taking some time off to be a mom to her son, Kelly has released a new album entitled "Easy." It is full of Kelly's same old style and brand of country that has been so easy to listen to before. Her new single, "If I Left You," has such an easy and laid back sound to it that you feel like you are sitting down on the front porch playing the guitar. Fans are sure to enjoy her new material.

"Easy" is not the only new thing in store for Kelly, she and husband Bruce Robison will provide their version of Johnny Cash's "Pack Up Your Sorrows" to the "Dressed In Black" tribute CD as well as provide fans with a music video, her first since "Not Forgotten You."

Full Albums Kelly Willis Has Released:

  • Persimmons
  • Well Traveled Love
  • Bang Bang
  • Kelly Willis
  • Fading Fast
  • What I Deserve
  • One More Time/ The MCA Recordings
  • Easy

Singles Released To Radio:

  • "Not Forgotten You"
  • "If I Left You"

Thank you for reading and come back next month for a new article.

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