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(January 23, 2001)

Jennifer Webb, BMPRSHOST the monthly Young Country columnist for this site, recently did an interview with Dreamworks Records recording artist Jessica Andrews.

Jessica is about to release her sophomore album, Who I Am, on February 27th, but took some time to answer Jennifer's questions.

BMPRSHOST: Do you have any nicknames?

Jessica Andrews: Some people call me Jess.

BMPRSHOST: What is your favorite CD right now?

Jessica Andrews: I got a sneak peek of Tim McGraw's new album and I love it!!!!!

BMPRSHOST: Did you write any of the songs on Who I Am?

Jessica Andrews: Yes, I co-wrote a song on the album called "Good Friend To Me" with Annie Roboff and Bekka Bramlett.

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Jessica Andrews

photo (c) Shelly Fabian
BMPRSHOST: What is your process for picking the songs you put on an album?

Jessica Andrews: I have two A & R people who listen to songs for me all of the time. When they hear something that they think I will like, they send it to me. We usually listen to hundreds of songs before we find the right ones. It's a long process, but I believe that it's the most important in creating an album.

BMPRSHOST: Compared to your first CD, Heart Shaped World, how long did Who I Am take to record?

Jessica Andrews: Well, my first album took about two years and my latest record took about a year and a half. I think spending time on an album only makes it better.

BMPRSHOST: I know that you and Faith Hill are friends, do you think you both would ever record a song together?

Jessica Andrews: I would love to record a song with her. Faith is one of my favorite singers!! I have no idea if it will ever happen, but that would be a dream come true!

BMPRSHOST: If you could record a song with any Country Music singer, who would you choose, and why?

Jessica Andrews: Probably Faith Hill or Martina McBride. I think our voices would really compliment each other.

BMPRSHOST: What song have you heard and wished you could have recorded?

Jessica Andrews: WOW! There have been so many!

BMPRSHOST: If you could describe Who I Am (The Album) in only one sentence, what would you say?

Jessica Andrews: This album is definitely WHO I AM!!!!!!!

BMPRSHOST: Being on the road all of the time can be stressful, what do you do to relax?

Jessica Andrews: I love to watch movies, go swimming and just chill. Fun stuff relaxes me.

BMPRSHOST: I think it is wonderful that you take time to post messages on your Official Message Board, how often do you get to visit the site?

Jessica Andrews: I visit the site every day!! I love reading all the nice messages that the fans post, and I think it's important for them to know that I read all of them and that I really care.

BMPRSHOST: I have heard that you and Billy Gilman will be out on the road together, how long have you known him?

Jessica Andrews: I met Billy Gilman about a year ago and I am so excited that we are going to be touring together. He is so talented! I know we are going to have a blast!

BMPRSHOST: Do you plan on going to College after you graduate?

Jessica Andrews: It really depends on where I am at in my career at that point, I would love to go, but maybe not immediately after I graduate.

BMPRSHOST: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions! I have been a fan from day one and I really think you will go far with your career. It is neat to see someone that is about my age doing what you are.

Jessica Andrews: Thank you Jennifer!!

Titles and bars © Jennifer Webb
Concert photo © Shelly Fabian

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