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Joe Nichols Interview
(July 1, 2002)
Joe Nichols
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Universal South artist Joe Nichols, sings the heart-warming song, "The Impossible," which is moving its way up the charts. The song is the first single off his upcoming July 23rd release, Man With a Memory.

Joe kindly took the time out of his schedule to sit down and answer questions from your About Country staff. See what he had to say below.

1) When did you decide that you would like to play and sing country music for a living?

When I was a kid I watched my father and grandfather do it, from a very early age I wanted to be an artist.
2) Who were some of your musical influences as a child?
My dad, Merle Haggard, my grandfather, Keith Whitley, Randy Travis, and Hank Williams Jr.
3) What are some of your favorite songs to perform live?
"Footlights" by Merle Haggard and "The Impossible."
4) What is the funniest thing that has happened during one of your performances?
Once someone threw their underwear on stage, they were granny panties (not sexy underwear).
5) What country music star would you like to meet one day?
George Strait.
6) What do you do before a show to calm your nerves or relax before heading out onto the stage?
I sit and practice with Bryan for a few minutes to get our heads in the ball game.
7) When you first heard "The Impossible," did you know it was going to be a hit?
YES, I knew it the minute I heard it.
8) Do you like small clubs or big stadiums when it comes to performing?
Either one as long as there are people there it doesn't matter.
9) How was recording this upcoming album different (if so) than recording your first album?
The creative process was a lot more thought out and the style that I was allowed to do was my very own. So, it was a lot of fun. We had total creative freedom.
10) Did you have a booth at Fan Fair this year? If so, what was your experience like this year?
No, but I signed in booths for GAC, Country Weekly and Country Music Magazine. It was awesome to see all of the people who were familiar with the song and it was cool to see people who knew who I was.
11) What was the first instrument you learned how to play? How old were you when you first started playing? Do you play other instruments? If so, which ones?
The guitar. I was 12 or 13 years old when I started. I don't play anything else.
12) When writing songs, do you usually get the lyrics first, or the melody, or is it random?
Very random, no structure to it.
13) What was it like to record that first CD on Universal South?
It was fun, fun to get to do country music the way we like it and working with Brent (Rowan) was a pleasure of its own.
14) What was the title of the first song you wrote? How old were you when you wrote it?
"If You're Gonna Leave," and I wrote it when I was maybe 14 years old.
15) What is your favorite song off Man With a Memory, and why?
I can't pick a favorite, I love "Joe's Place", "Man with A Memory" and "The Impossible". They are my 12 favorite songs of the 12,000 that I heard from publishers when listening to songs to go on the album.
16) Do you like any sports? Did you play any sport growing up?
I like baseball and football, and I played a lot of baseball right up until last year.
17) What's in your CD player right now?
Don Williams, AC/DC, Randy Travis Greatest Hits, George Strait's new album The Road Less Traveled.
18) What would you like to say to all the fans that are reading this?
Hey! What's up? Thank you for liking my songs, hope to bring you a lot more music.

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