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CD Review: Lisa Angelle - Lisa Angelle

line Lisa Angelle - Lisa Angelle
Reviewed by Carrie Attebury

I have to admit.. the first time I was offered this CD to review, I declined. I still had the image of Lisa in her video "I Wear Your Love," covered in mud, with a snake wrapped around her and I just thought it wouldnt be "my type" of music. I WAS WRONG!!

Lisa Angelle's self-titled CD is awsome!!!! For those of you who are not familiar with her.. Lisa is the lady who sang the beautiful theme song "The First Time I Loved Forever" for the 1980s TV show "Beauty and The Beast."

Lisa Angelle Cover
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Lisa Angelle
Lisa Angelle Photos is the first song on the album. The title needs an explanation. "4 days of bad lies, 3 days of a good cry, 2 days of goodbyes, 1 day I'm gone." Now tell me that that is not classic country in the truest lyrical sense.

"A Woman Gets Lonely" s the second song and video released from the album. I think the slower, mellower songs like this one are definately the ones that Lisa does best.

"I Didnt Want To Know" is a great song about someone who is in a bad relationship and just cant let go of it.

"I Wear Your Love" was the first single and video released from this album. And I have to say the video was a suprise. Anyone who has seen it will know why.

"Twisted" is not your typical conservative country song. It seems to be of the.. ahem... adult fantasy type of theme. Another great Lisa Angelle eye opener.

"I Dont Know Why" is a very classic country sounding slower song. I love the verse "The Clock In The Hall.. Just Struck Midnight Again, And Your Pillow's The Only Thing In Our Bed."

"Sparrow" is written by Lisa. It's probably my favorite song from the album. It's a hymn type of song. "I Know That God And His Angels Are Watching Over Us."

Song List

  1. 4 3 2 1
  2. A Woman Gets Lonely
  3. Kiss This
  4. I Don't Want To Know
  5. I Wear Your Love
  6. Sin
  7. Twisted
  8. Daddys Gun
  9. Midnight Rodeo
  10. I Dont Know Why
  11. Sparrow

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