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CD Review: Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye - Vince Gill

line Vince Gill - Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye

If I had to describe this album in just three words, I'd have to say "songs about love."

This album is nearly 180 degrees from his last album, The Key, but then things have changed a lot for Vince since that time. Many of the songs on The Key were more melancholy. It was around the time that Vince had lost his dad, and he has a song on there that he wrote for his dad ("The Key To Life").

Vince is in a happy place, and listening to the songs on Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye, there is no doubt about it.

Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye Cover
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The album starts out with the beautiful "One." He sings, "Forever's just begun. We'll never turn and run. Slowly we've become one."

The second song, "Feels Like Love" was the second single from the album, and it's a fun, upbeat number. The video is cute too.

The first single from the album, the title cut, was our first hint at the love-song-filled album we could expect. It's definately one of the best, and prettiest. I especially love the choral background on the choruses. Beautiful arrangement.

Amy Grant sings a duet that she also co-wrote with him ("When I Look Into Your Heart"). Their voices blend well, and we could be getting a glimpse at the next Faith & Tim.

"That Friend of Mine" gives us a listen to Vince's daughter, Jenny, who sings background vocals with him.

The final song, "Hey God" is a beautiful tribute to Payne Stewart. Vince sings "Hey God I just lost a dear old friend. Hey God I hope he's in your angel band."

While there are some upbeat tunes here, this is definitely an album you can mellow out with. Put it on when you're feeling harried, and let Vince soothe you with his delightful tenor, and beautiful lyrics.


  1. One
  2. Feels Like Love
  3. Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye
  4. For the Last Time
  5. When I Look into Your Heart
  6. Shoot Straight from the Heart
  7. Luckiest Guy in the World
  8. Little Things
  9. Baby Please Don't Go
  10. Look What Love's Revealing
  11. That Friend of Mine
  12. Hey God

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