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Marie Sisters - Marie Sisters
Marie Sisters
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Reviewed by Jennifer Webb

Though this is the Marie Sister's debut album, Chaz and Kessie have already been singing for well over a decade around various places in Texas making their living, and singing on the side when the moved to Nashville. They honed their musical skills as kids with their parents being traveling Evangelists. Their mother was a member of "The Singing Pages" and opened for the likes of Hank Williams, Sr. When offered a record deal it was passed up because of her mom not wanting her to "live that lifestyle." The girl's influences include artists from every genre (including their parents) and it shows in their work, as one song on this album is co-written by none other than R&B singer Brian McKnight ("Still").

The album starts out with the funky first single, "Real Bad Mood," which is bound to become a hit with its understandable attitude and "don't mess with me" feel. It is already receiving major airplay on Texas radio stations and it is only a matter of time before it hits the airwaves all over America. Just to prove how important it is to not mess with people that are in a real bad mood, take notice of the following lyrics: "You won't cross this old yard dog if you know what's good for you," in other words, just leave them alone.

"Oh Yeah" is light and fun with a subject matter being that of a cute guy that was walking by wearing a pair of faded Levi jeans, and it just so happened that the girl was sitting around waiting for the perfect "Romeo" to appear. She decides to give talking to him a try and so they became a couple. That not being enough, she had to flaunt him to her girlfriends and ask them "What do you guys think?" so that she would have confirmation that she was not the only one to think he is great.

"Strong For You" is a beautiful song about losing hope and finally finding it again. The chorus is especially poignant as we hear about a guy who was her source of strength and how she wants to return the favor to him, her guardian angel. The message in the song is that most of the time what happens is not anyone's fault, but "just their turn" for some rough times and they will be strong and get through it all.

Another beautiful song about finding a ray of hope that breaks through the clouds and shines is "You Were A Mountain," a song that was also on Julie Reeves' album, It's About Time. The sister's voices compliment each other so wonderfully on this track and you can tell they gave it their all as they pay a mid-tempo tribute to the men that were not only strong as a rock to them, but where more of a mountain of strength.

"I Will Hold On" is a slow ballad that shows us just how strong a promise can be between two people. After meeting her true love and contemplating how the relationship came to be when she used to think true love would never happen, she vows she will always hold on the man's love, no matter what happens. There is nothing in this life that would ever take away the thing that comes to her as easily and naturally as breathing.

On the opposite side of the last song, the upbeat "Kiss Me Goodbye" is about a relationship that is ending, and how the girl wants to have one more kiss before the relationship is really over. Both of them tried their hardest to make it work out but it just did not happen, so they try to end it on a positive note and not cry. If this song was released as a second single, I think it would be magical because the vocals and music would appeal to many of the listeners.

The Marie Sister's self-titled debut not only shows us their different influences, but it also shows us that those sweet voices can get some attitude going in some of the songs, which is great in my book. They can sing fast songs, slow songs, and anything in between and their harmonies are flawless. This is an album that would definitely appeal to many people that like the more contemporary country sound.

Song List:

  1. Real Bad Mood
  2. Oh Yeah
  3. Strong For You
  4. Bring It On Back To Me
  5. You Were A Mountain
  6. Still
  7. Crazy To Run
  8. I Will Hold On
  9. Circle Of Love
  10. Kiss Me Goodbye
  11. If I Fall In Love

Album cover courtesy of Universal South.
Audio clips courtesy of Barnes and Noble

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