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Martina - Martina McBride
Martina - Martina McBride
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Martina McBride
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Martina McBride's self-titled album is her first studio album in four years. She co-produced the album with Paul Worley, and actually recorded the album in her home studio, which gave her the freedom to sing when she wanted, and take time out to be with her girls.

The first single, "This One's For The Girls" is in the Top 10, and moving up. The song speaks to girls of all ages, and the things they go through in life.

The album starts with the Celtic-flavored "So Magical." It celebrates life, talking about how she walks down the street and her neighbor invites her in for some pie, and later on goes down to the river to watch the kids playing on the old rope swing.

In "City of Love" not everything is perfect, but they find a way to make things right as they build a city of love. This is one I think would make a good single.

The song "How Far" is similar in some ways to Martina's "Where Would You Be" in that the relationship is being held together by her and she's putting her foot down saying she's had enough and she's walking away, and it's up to him how far she goes. Beautiful song, co-written by Jamie O'Neal with Shaye Smith.

Let it never be said that Martina McBride can only sing country. No, she can definitely sing a gospel/bluegrass song, which she proves with "Reluctant Daughter." Helping with harmony vocals on this wonderful tune are Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White. They meld beautifully with Martina here. While not a radio-friendly song, I'm sure this one will garner lots of people's votes as a favorite from the album. It's definitely one of mine.

And, we can't forget the playful songs. For that, one listen to "Wearing White" will have you chuckling, just as it makes you tap your foot along with the rhythm. The story is about a girl that is going to get married in white, and the people in town think that she shouldn't be. "Everybody knows the things she did. It just isn't right. Won't that be a sight, to see her wearing white?" Vince Gill adds his velvet voice on this tune.

"When You Love Me" is your typical Martina power ballad, and she sings it just perfectly. Another single here.

If "Independence Day," and "Concrete Angel" were examples of songs that could pull at people's heartstrings, Martina scores another similar song with "God's Will," about a special boy, named Will. The line that touched me most was "At dinner he'd ask to pray, and then he'd pray for everyone in the world but him." This one will definitely bring a tear to your eye.

For anyone that's seen Martina in concert, you will adore getting this live cut of her singing "Over The Rainbow." This has always been one of my favorite songs, and Martina sings it so very well. A perfect ending to a perfect album. Just when you think she can't possibly top her last album, she does. This is one for every Country Music collection.

Song List:

  1. So Magical
  2. She's a Butterfly
  3. City of Love
  4. This One's For The Girls
  5. How Far
  6. Reluctant Daughter
  7. Wearing White
  8. When You Love Me
  9. In My Daughter's Eyes
  10. Learning To Fall
  11. God's Will
  12. Over the Rainbow (Live)

Album cover courtesy of Sony BMG.

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