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Mindy McCready - Mindy McCready
Mindy McCready Cover
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Mindy McCready (Official)

Reviewed by Trisha Huenke

After two years of hard work, Mindy McCready is back on the music scene with a brand new self-titled album. From the first moment she burst into country music, in 1996, Mindy was known for her fun loving youthful brand of country. Now at 26, Mindy has taken control of her career by personally choosing every song on this album. She's proven brilliantly just how much both her style and her taste have matured.

The first release from the new CD, "Maybe, Maybe Not," is a fun song about a woman who toys with the idea of rekindling an old flame. I love the way she says maybe she could change this or that about herself to win him back, but then again maybe not. To go with the song is an attractive video, though my one complaint is the green evening gown. It just didn't seem to fit to me.

"Lovin' Your Man" quickly became a favorite. Mindy always promised herself that she would not cut a cheating song, but I can understand why she made an exception in this case. Written by Robin Lerner, the song is a true story from a time in her own life. Though she wrote the song from the point of view of the woman sleeping with someone else's man, Robin was in fact the wife who got cheated on. The song is honest and extremely well written, and Mindy does it great justice with her awesome heartfelt vocals.

Two of the songs on the CD weren't new, to me anyway. The first is a previous release from Mindy titled "Scream. I don't recall hearing it on the radio, but I do remember there being a video. I thought at the time what a shame it was that it didn't seem to be embraced very warmly by country fans. I thought it was different, but in a good way. The second song I recognized was "The Fire." The first version I have of this song is on Chely Wright's album. I have a tendency to prefer the first version I hear of any song, but Mindy does a first-class job with it. I had to giggle when I heard she had changed the line "maybe I'm just a little too hard headed" to "maybe I'm just a little too blond headed."

Mindy adds some spice to the album with "I Just Want Love." A simple love song, it's pleasant, lyrically speaking. The Latin-infused guitar licks in the track are what makes it particularly alluring.

With the first strains of "Don't Speak," I had a flash back to my youth. I was in high school the first time I heard Chris Isaak, and his music is certainly an influence on the music surrounding this song. A soft, winding whisper, this one just makes you want to be in love and show it. It's one very sexy song.

"If I Feel Your Hand" is touching song that made a big impression from the first listen. It's about a woman who runs into her ex and how she feels when she sees him. She can't take the thought of even one touch, because she knows it will make her want so much more. Anyone who's had a broken heart can identify with the emotions heard here.

In her official bio, Mindy is quoted as saying "I love the fact that you can get in the car and hear a country song and think that song was undoubtedly written for you, and the fact that it can touch your heart like no other music can and the lyrics are so important. It's definitely not that way in other music, and I'm proud to sing a kind of music that means something. I've always thought I had a place on country radio, and there was a place for me in this business, and I just hope people love this record and see I've worked really hard on it. It's the first true Mindy record that they're going to hear out of all that I've done, so I'm especially proud of it." I'd say she most positively does have a place in country music, her hard work is obvious and she has a lot to be proud of with this new CD.

Song List:

  1. "Maybe, Maybe Not"
  2. "Lips Like Yours"
  3. "Lovin' Your Man"
  4. "Be With Me"
  5. "The Fire"
  6. "Scream"
  7. "I Just Want Love"
  8. "Don't Speak"
  9. "If I Feel Your Hand"
  10. "You Get To Me"
  11. "Tremble"

Album cover, used with permission of Capital Nashville.

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