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CD Review: Say No More - Clay Walker

line Clay Walker - Say No More

Say No More is Clay's seventh album, and the second in my collection. I also have his Greatest Hits collection.

The first single off the album is the title track, and it's a great power ballad. It's been out six weeks, as I write this review, and has just crept into the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, and I'm sure it will go much higher.

Of the eleven selections on the album, six of them are ballads, and being a person that is a sucker for a ballad, I really do like this album.

"Real" is another wonderful love song. This has got to be a single! The chorus proclaims: "It's real, it's here in my heart, stronger than steel, brighter than a million stars.... Every single touch tells me that this love is real." This song has the potential to be another "Amazed," in my opinion. The funny thing is, is that it was co-written by Richie McDonald of Lonestar.

Say No More Cover
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In "If You Ever Feel Like Lovin' Me Again," Clay talks about a love that is over, but he offers to be there for her if she decides she wants to try again.

"Could I Ask You Not To Dance" is a ballad where the guy is at a club on Friday night, and sees his ex with a new man sitting at their old table, and he asks her not to dance while he's there. "Not tonight, not until my heart's had some time to heal. Not right now, 'til I'm gone. I won't be here all that long."

Get ready to dance... Clay's done a super job on the Ritchie Valens classic, "La Bamba." I remember reading that Clay worked hard on his Spanish to sing this song right.

"You Deliver Me" is another dreamy love song. "When I feel like I can't go on, you deliver me. And when the road is winding and way too long, you deliver me. You deliver me."

"I Love It" is a lot of fun. And, what can I say, I love it! It reminds me a bit of another Clay Walker song, "Then What." This is another one that I think would do well as a single.

"She's Easy To Hold" sounds like an old 50's country classic. Very nice!

"Rough Around The Edges" is another fun song that says, "I'm a little bit rough around the edges, and girl I've been known to fall too hard. Ain't afraid to dance around on jagged ledges. That's why I'm rough around the edges of my heart." Darryl Worley was one of the co-writers on this song.

"Texas Swing" is your classic Bob Wills sound. Just love it!

"So Much More" ends the album with another ballad. Unlike the title track, "Say No More" which talks about a relationship that is over, is about a relationship that is working out wonderfully. "I know that you know, that you're all I've ever wanted, and all I've ever had. How can we call this love, when it's so much more than that."

If you've liked Clay's previous work, you'll really enjoy this album. There isn't a bad song on here. There are traditional songs, powerful ballads, and a little western swing. Something for everyone.

Song List:

  1. Say No More
  2. Real
  3. If You Ever Feel Like Lovin' Me Again
  4. Could I Ask You Not To Dance
  5. La Bamba
  6. You Deliver Me
  7. I Love It
  8. She's Easy To Hold
  9. Rough Around The Edges
  10. More Than That
  11. Texas Swing

Audio Clips courtesy of: Barnes & Noble.
All graphics © Shelly Fabian, with the exception of the album cover,
used with permission of Giant Nashville


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