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CD Review: The Complete Limelight Sessions - Eilleen Shania Twain

Reviewed by Matt Bjorke

This CD, released this year contains seventeen tracks that were recorded in Canada circa 1988. We all know Shania Twain. She's the woman who has released 12 singles off of two CD's since 1996, 1996's "The Woman In Me" and 1998's "Come On Over." Shania has also released a complete pop remix version of her "Come On Over" CD. That is where this "Limelight Sessions" CD comes in.

There was another CD like this one released before. It was called the "Beginnings 1989-1990." In fact, this CD has ALL those songs from that CD and six more! The songs on "The Complete Limelight Sessions" are decidedly pop music but you get to hear her strong voice AND the real beginning of her songwriting ability. Also included are never-before seen black and white photos that were taken for the original CD

The Complete Limelight Sessions
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"It's Alright" appears on the CD twice, at the beginning and at the end as a dance club track. This song is one of the songs NOT written by Shania. Showcases her soaring vocal style.

"The Heart Is Blind" is the first slow ballad on the CD. Sort of a precursor to "God Bless The Child." It is one of the better tracks on the CD.

"Wild And Wicked" was on the other "Beginnings" CD. This song is quite similar to "Rock This Country."

"Half Breed" talks about how it was to grow up on an Indian reservation not really knowing what she is. A social commentary song if there was ever one.

"Hate To Love" is another good ballad. With her husband's production abilities, Shania could record this for a new CD. This track has the strongest lyrics on the CD. The slow build beginning of the song is a lot like "You're Still The One."

"Lost My Heart" is another ballad that showcases Shania's voice. She sounds a bit like Bette Midler on this song.

If you are a longtime Shania Twain fan, you'll want to pick up this CD. If you are someone who's just curious as to what she sounded like before she was a star, check it out too.

Song List:

  1. It's Alright
  2. Love
  3. All Fired Up
  4. The Heart Is Blind
  5. For The Love
  6. Wild And Wicked
  7. I Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore
  8. Send It With Love
  9. Half Breed
  10. Hate To Love
  11. Bite My Lip
  12. Two Hearts, One Love
  13. Rhythm Made Me Do It
  14. Luv Eyes
  15. Lost My Heart
  16. Don't Give Me That
  17. It's Alright(Edited Club Mix)

Sound Clips courtesy of Barnes & Noble.
All graphics © Shelly Fabian, except the album cover, used with permission of Limelight Records.


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