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CD Review: Sparks Are Gonna Fly - Joanie Keller

line Sparks Are Gonna Fly
Reviewed by Carrie Attebury

Sparks Are Gonna Fly Cover I was lucky enough to receive a copy of a CD in the mail today called "Sparks Are Gonna Fly" by a brand new artist Joanie Keller. It's been released by The Broken Bow Record Label.

What a CD! It's a mixture of uptempo and slow very classic country sounding songs. Joanie in some of her slower songs sounds quite a bit like Linda Davis.

I would have to say that one of the best songs on the album is the humor infused song Run That By Me One More Time about a woman's total surprise and delight hearing her significant other say "I love you" for the first time. Another goodie is the slower song "At The Corner Of Walk And Don't Walk about a woman having to decide whether to leave or stay in a not so good relationship. The song speaks for itself, but I do have to say with a title like that it would make a very good country classic in the years to come. In song #7 "Almost Over Me" If Joanie had a Kentucky accent she would be Loretta Lynn. Song #9 "Bigger Then The Both Of Us" has a Faith Hill like quality to it. Song #12 "The Story Goes" could be a humorous cousin to Tom T Halls "Harper Valley PTA" about the trouble that gossips stir up in a small town.

Below you'll find the song list along with some soundclips from the album. Sound clips are courtesy of CD Now


  1. Run That By Me One More Time
  2. At The Corner Of Walk and Don't Walk
  3. I Hope Fort Worth Was Worth It
  4. Somewhere Over You
  5. Grindin' Wheel
  6. I Quit Givin' Up On You
  7. Almost Over Me
  8. Three Little Teardrops
  9. Bigger Than The Both Of Us
  10. We're Not Finished Yet
  11. I Didn't Make This Bed For You To Lie In
  12. The Story
  13. He Doesn't Love Me


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