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Strong Enough - Travis Tritt
Strong Enough - Travis Tritt
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Reviewed by Kathy Coleman

As the years pass, Travis Tritt continues to mature and grow as an artist, yet he always maintains that integrity of sound and commitment to tradition which has characterized him since his 1990 debut, Country Club. Don't imagine that Travis is getting stale. On the contrary, he amply demonstrates in the new Strong Enough that his music remains powerful, contemporary, true to his roots, and 100% Tritt.

His masterful style of hard-rockin' country goes straight into high gear with the burning opening track, "You Can't Count Me Out Yet," a Travis-penned original with a driving beat. And Travis never shies from the sweet ballad, as demonstrated in the radio-friendly title track, "Strong Enough To Be Your Man," "Can't Tell Me Nothin'," and the beautiful "You Really Wouldn't Want Me That Way," all of which show Travis definitely has his "lovin' side."

Travis gives us a regretful look at progress in "Country Ain't Country," and his decided opinion of the "country music" industry, Travis asks the simple and heartfelt question, "Doesn't Anyone Hurt Anymore?" "I know there's people out there that love has put to shame/ Sometimes a song is all they have to help them through the pain." Amen, and when will they listen?

Travis hits his stride with "Time To Get Crazy," a song that definitely demonstrates Tritt's distinctive, unmistakable style. He ends the disc out with the vibrant "I Can't Seem To Get Over You," which, despite the mournful quality of the title and lyrics, is an upbeat tune with a Celtic flavor and some really tremendous picking.

Travis Tritt is looking good and sounding better. He just keeps on giving us exactly what he does best.

Song List:

  1. You Can't Count Me Out Yet
  2. Can't Tell Me Nothin'
  3. Strong Enough To Be Your Man
  4. Country Ain't Country
  5. If You're Gonna Straighten Up (Brother Now's The Time)
  6. Doesn't Anyone Hurt Anymore
  7. You Really Wouldn't Want Me That Way
  8. I Don't Ever Want Her To Feel That Way Again
  9. Time To Get Crazy
  10. Now I've Seen It All
  11. God Must Be A Woman
  12. I Can't Seem To Get Over You

Album cover, used with permission of Sony Nashville.

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