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Time - Ray Price
Time - Ray Price
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Reviewed by Kathy Coleman

Ray Price only gets better and better. With his masterful voice, still smoother than silk and more bracing than a warm brandy, Price has long been one of the premier voices of "The Nashville Sound," a.k.a. "Countrypolitan," with such classics under his belt as "For The Good Times" and "I Won't Mention It Again," but before the swing in Nashville to orchestras and string sections, Ray Price was a honky-tonkin' master, and with Time, Price returns to his roots.

Price takes 12 fine new songs (from such writers as Hank Cochran, Cindy Walker, Harlan Howard, and Price himself) and makes them instant classics just by adding his magnificent voice to them. Joined by many members of his original band, an "A" list of Nashville players, Price strides out and proves that country music is not just for the under-25 crowd. This is real, hot, new country. He's even joined by Vince Gill on backup vocals for a track, "What If I Say Goodbye."

Price starts out with the sweet sound of the fiddle that opens "You Just Don't Love Me Anymore," a slow honky-tonkin' shuffle that sets the tone for the rest of the album. "Ft. Worth, Texas," is a fun tune, Western swing, guaranteed to get every Texan out there on the floor. Price's self-penned "Take Back Your Old Love Letters" recalls the Mel Tillis hit Price did so long ago, "Burning Memories."

Love songs, dance songs, real country in all its beauty and glory, that's what Ray Price delivers here. It's a spectacular piece of evidence that country music's legends are doing just fine, thanks, and their music is every bit as good as it ever was. I'd also like to give a heartfelt thanks to Audium Records for giving us this music when others won't. Three cheers to Ray Price and Audium Records.

If you love Country music, give yourself a treat and indulge in a little Ray Price. It's gold, and it'll shuffle you right on your way (to borrow a phrase). Enjoy it.

Song List:

  1. You Just Don't Love Me Anymore
  2. Ft. Worth, Texas
  3. Time
  4. Take Back Your Old Love Letters
  5. Both Sides Of Goodbye
  6. If It's All The Same To You
  7. No One But You
  8. If You Think You're Lonely
  9. I'm Not Leaving (I'm Just Getting Out Of Your Way)
  10. Next Voice You Hear
  11. What If I Say Goodbye
  12. Don't You Go Loving Nobody Else
Album cover, used with permission of Audium.

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